Clear and Simple Release in Review Day 4

We are at Day 4 of CSS's Release in Review.  I have a little something fun today, in the category of...

I made dice for my kiddos for a game they like to play called, Stuck in the Mud.  You can find the rules to this game, as well as free score card print outs HERE.  You need 5 dice to play this game and I thought to myself...how much more fun would big colorful dice be?  Well.  They love them!  Here they are...


I used the Cube Box Die to make the boxes.  (this is an adorable box for little party favors too, by the way!)  Next, I used the Shapes: Square dies and frame stamps to make the sides.  The numbers are from Alpha Engraved which happens to be the best alphabet for Monogrammed cards....see post later this week!  :)


I stamped each frame in a different color and then the numbers in black.  I closed each box with double sided sticky tape.  Before I did this, I added several un-popped popcorn kernels inside for the added sound effect!  The kids love them!

The game goes on forever if you let it and is so good for practicing addition!  

There is lots more to see in the Shapes and Backgrounds round.  Here are the links to check out today...

Thanks again for coming by!  I hope you are all having a great week! 


  1. Great game Laurie! Anything that keeps kids quiet for an extended period of time is a good thing!

  2. wow this is way too cool....such a great idea.

  3. What a fun idea,I'll bet the kids will be asking for more ;)!!

  4. it is such a creative and fun idea.

  5. I love your dice, Laurie! I'll have to check out the link for that game!

  6. What a great idea! And, love how you added the popcorn kernels inside for a fun side effect.


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