Paper Bag Book

Well, Jennifer gave me another fun idea, so I had to throw a paper bag book together! It is basically a little book or album made out of brown paper bags! Several months ago I ordered some pre-made paperbag books and they have been laying in a drawer ever since! Jennifer posted one on her blog that was so super cute! I had to try it out!

(Don't think you have to buy these either! You can make your own by folding lunch sacks in half! I bought some that are sewen together and supposedly sprayed with some "acid free" stuff! But they were cheap!)

This is the cover...you can see the holes punched along the side. I used beach balls and pales for the tabs on the little cards that slide out of the open ends of the paper bags.

I used cardstock to mount pictures on some pages but also used stamps and stickles on other pages just for little touches here and there!

I also used my wavy edged scissors for decorations and lots of ribbon! I love using staples to attach ribbon! And of course tying bows! I learned how to tie flat ribbon and knots so they look really cute!

This is a cute page of Rylee's and Sadye's pruny hands!

These are the tabs that you can pull out. I made this book for my friend Aubrey and her girls, Sadye and Lydia! I used the girls picture for the first slide outs!

On the back of the book I used my "handmade by laurie" stamp like Jennifer did but I deleted the picture from the blog and didn't want to go back and get it again! :)

These are so much fun to make and doing this little project has given me many more ideas for more! Thanks, Jennifer, for the ideas!


Scrapbook Room

Steph asked me the other day about my scrapbook room, so I told her that I would take pictures and send them to her. She is getting into scrapbooking and stamping and looking into how to organize. I am always looking for new organizational tips and fun things to use.

I will give a list of things that I have found and are easy to find and pretty inexpensive.

I use Cropper Hopper 12x12 paper holders. You can find them at Hobby Lobby and if you use the 40% off coupon, they are only about $13 each.

I found cassette tape holders that hold my ribbon and ink pads. I have full intentions of painting them all white but just haven't yet. I am also using an "over the sink shelf" in between just for more space.

The red and black chair in the picture above, Lynn gave my for my birthday! He actually gave me 2 so I can have a friend over! :)

This picture shows how I store my stamps. They are unmounted so the fit easily in a CD case. My flowers are all in jars from Hobby Lobby stacked in a wood crate from there as well! I always look for 50% off days or again, use that 40% off coupon.

These are some cannisters that I used at my old house. I was about to put them in our garage sale when I realized I could store my foam alphabet stamps inside. Mom gave me an old cookie jar with a red lid and that has a bunch of ribbon scraps inside. ( Red is my favorite color and goes all thru my scrapbook room!)

This is my sewing table. I found this sewing maching at Target on clearance! Its's a singer! I love it! I use it on cards and scrapbook pages quite a bit! Below the table is just one of those rubbermaid drawers from Walmart. I use the top drawer for scrap paper. I keep every bit of paper I might use again! I am sure that saves money when I make a card totally from scraps!

I had to show these cannisters as well! These are from drug reps at work! They have drug names on them but I decided to cover them in Basic Grey Paper and use them for little odds and ends! I just love them and they go with my red theme!

These are just a few ideas for Steph! I plan on making sure she is just as hooked and organized as I am!! :)


New Blog

HI! I am trying out this blog thing! My friend Jennifer has a great blog that she can post things on and people have been asking me to post my cards and scrapbook pages so they can see them....so I thought I would try this to.

I don't know how often I will post things but come and visit if you have time and I may have new things up!

I have started making cards and stamping using The Angel Company stamps and I really love it. I have sold many cards and have alot of fun learning new techniques! Jennifer, an Angel Company consultant has been teaching me lots of fun stuff and I hope to learn lots more! Thanks Jennifer!!

Well, that all for now. I guess I have to try this thing out so I am going to post a card I just made last night! It is one Jennifer had on her blog so I had to try one out!

The card is stamped with the Farm Fun set and folds differently than most. I think its pretty cute! Let me know what you think!