Paper Wings Sketch #10

On Tuesdays I host the sketch motivational over at Paper Wings! Here is yesterday's sketch....

This sketch was really fun and easy, so I made 2 cards today using my sketch! Here is the first one!

This one is a little "Valentine-ish" but I thought that would be ok! It could go for any day too!

If you like my sketch and want to play along, post a link in the comments so I can see! Thanks for stopping!

Exciting news....

Just had to share a little something exciting! Check out Mischelle Smith's blog today.....



Fall is in the air!!

It is definitely cooling off here in Kansas! This is my favorite time of the year! I LOVE sweatshirts and jeans! That is SO my favorite thing to wear!

So because of the weather I am in the mood for "fall" colors! I had to pull out Everyday Occasions from TAC and get to coloring!

On this image, I used colored pencils and mineral oil again! LOVE IT! Can you see my stitching too? I had to add some stitches to match his patches! I used black scrappers floss! So fun!

And can you see the dots in the background? Yep, that is from TAC too! You can have the Build-A-Background set free just by having a qualifying $100 party! OH and if you hurry you get a second one for free too! The double hostess benefits are fantastic!!

OK so that is it for today! Hope your Tuesday was a good one! See you soon!


Bless your pea pickin heart!

It is no secret that this stamp set is one of my all time fav's! I wish it was still around for everyone to purchase! It is so fun to color and to paper piece!

Anyway, just a quick, simple one today!

You can't tell that I am addicted to my Scor-Bug and my Corner Chomper can you?

Thanks for stopping!


Trick or Treat and a Fried Snickers

I am here today with a quick card in honor of my WOSFF, Barb! She just did a little tribute to me and my polka dot issue! Little did she know, I was making a card for her too! She knows all to well that I am not the biggest fan of Halloween. AND she is still my friend! :) BUT, I am trying here! Just for her.

This is the cutest stamp out of one of TAC's new sets, Hedgehog Halloween! Barb, I hope you like it! Aren't you so excited that I actually made a Halloween card? LOL!

And of course, I had to add some polka dots!

One last thing for today! I recently tweeted over and over about eating a fried snickers at our state fair. Well, I actually had 2....but on different days!! I do love them. I had many comments and emails about what in the heck I was eating, so like a dork, I took a picture so you could see what it was that I ate.....

And then here is the inside! The snickers bar just melts into melty wonderfulness! Yes, I did walk 2 miles BOTH nights after eating this thing. No joke. BUT it was well worth it!

So that is all for today! Hope you all had a great weekend! See you soon!


Salad Supper Table Decorations

So if any of you follow me on Twitter, I have been tweeting lately about the Salad Supper at church and all the preparations! This was my first table ever! So it was quite the task!

At our TAC Round Up this year, Connie Duckert, a fellow Angel, was sweet enough to give us instructions for paper overalls and strawberry boxes, so I thought I would take that theme and run with it! Here is my table all set up!

Here is a close up of an inidvidual setting:

Everyone got their own overalls, strawberries with Hershey's Kisses inside, strawberry jelly and a snack mix cup! Here is a picture of the front of the overals....

Here is the back view....

All together I made 64ish strawberries! Thankfully, I was able to make an .svg file for my Cricut and cut out all the leaves. I did the same for the Strawberry box, but to save paper, I made a photohop printout and cut them all out by hand! Each strawberry has a kiss inside!

Top view....
I was able to invite 7 friends to sit at my table, so for each of them I made a card to match the table. I wrote individual notes inside to each girl! Here are the cards...

And here are my friends....Vicky my MIL, Brandy my SIL, Serena, Jenni, Julia, Stacy and Laura!

It was a great night! We got to eat all kinds of salads, listen to a guy named Danny Oertli speak and sing, and best of all just visit...without kids! :)

I took pics of all of the other 28 tables but I know that would make for the longest post ever. Plus I just couldn't pick my favorites because I liked them all so much!

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you think!!



A little challenge to myself....

So, I am in a slump. Because of all the "creative" things I have had on my plate, now that they are mostly done, I can't find the oomff (is that a word?) to get going again! Recently my friend Seleise shared with us how she got her mojo going again so I thought I would try something too!

I sat down and looked at the towers full of stamps I have and realized that there was quite a bit of dust on several cases. I thought I better do something about that.

So here is the challenge...don't laugh when there is NO post tomorrow...I am going to take a set each day and make 1-3 cards each day. Today I met my goal. Tomorrow I may not. But I am sure going to try.

Today's set is TAC's Today and Forever! Such a cute set, and yes I forgot I owned it. :) Here are my 3 cards...

Super easy cards and really I feel better about things! I just might be back tomorrow! :)

NOW, I have said it before but I still am going to have some blog candy for my 10,000 hits. So I will do that first before anything else!

I am also going to be back and post my pics of the Salad Supper at church where I decorated a really fun table! I just have to share that with you!

Hope you are having a good Thursday! Grey's Anatomy is on tonight....I will, for sure, be on the couch...is anyone with me?


Pumpkin Fever!

I am sure somewhere on my blog I have posted before using this pumpkin! Well, here she is again! I love her. she is the cutest pumpkin ever. And she just loves to be colored, I am sure of it!

I had my first coloring class the other night and I had so much fun discovering mineral oil as a blending tool! I have heard people talk about it and have known that it was out there but loved OMS so much I thought there was no reason to try it. I told the girls at the coloring class that I didn't have a favorite medium. Well, I changed my mind. I do love colored pencils and mineral oil!!

The pumpkin is so bright and I just love how it turned out! I used Yellow Ochre as a base and then several other colors on top to blend. Yes, I have to admit, now I want to color everything this way.

This next card uses OMS and colored pencils. It has a totally different look and I still love it but my OMS might be lonely on the shelf for awhile.

So anyway, just had to share that with you today! I hope you love my pumpkin as much as I do!

I have a big project that I am working on for church, so as soon as that is over I will be back with blog candy this week, I promise! I will also post pics of my big project too!

Have a great Sunday!


Lovin' the holiday cards....

I got to go on Sunday and hang out with some super fun girls! I knew I had to bring something fun so I whipped up this purple holiday card to take along with me! I just love these new stamps! This ornament set is SO fun!

I am so in the mood now to make some more Christmas cards! I am thinking this might be one of my stamp-a-stack cards for October! If you like it, let me know!

I added some FANTASTIC silver pearls to this one too. I know I keep raving about them but I love them! They just add so much!

One more thing! I recently hit 10,000 hits here on the old bloggo, so I am going to have some Blog Candy coming up soon!

Stay tuned.....


Garage Sale Find

So I am all about the garage sale. Even if I only go a couple of times a year, I still love to find a deal. Really it is just about finding the time to go to the garage sale but when I do, it is all in the deal! OK moving on....

There was this garage sale the other day and there was really nothing that intersted me. But I kept looking because I was with my MIL and she was finding all the treasures. I just kept wandering around thinking how heavy Brody is and wishing I could go and put him in his car seat, when I picked something up and uncovered a box of STAMPS!! OK, so you are thinking I found the mother load right? Not really. But I did find 2 cute stamps. And at 50 cents a piece, I thought....why not!

They were old and I wondered if the rubber was even any good. I have no idea what company they were from but I didn't care. I just thought they were cute.....So here is what I made!

I am loving this hat stamp. I think it has lots of possibilities for scrapbooking! It turned out to have a pretty good image! I cleaned both really well and I think it helped out alot!

So that is it! No great story of uncovering someones long lost stamp collection. But I still had to share! Thanks for coming by today! (Thanks to my WOSFF for the bow/tag/sentiment idea I took from one of your latest cards!)


Super Fun Tri-Fold Card!

If I am showing this to you for a second time, I am sorry! BUT I am pretty sure I haven't even posted this one!

In May I was asked to work on samples for the cover of the new TAC catalog! WOW! How fun is that? So, they sent me all kinds of fun stuff and I got to create away!

Here is one of my favorites that I turned in!

I know it looks complicated but it isn't! Just a few scores with the old Scor-Pal and here it is.....

The images were really fun to color too! I used Watercolor pencils and a dove blender for these images!

This adorable paper pack is Catelynne! This is definitely my most favorite in the Angel Company catalog!

Thanks for looking!