A little challenge to myself....

So, I am in a slump. Because of all the "creative" things I have had on my plate, now that they are mostly done, I can't find the oomff (is that a word?) to get going again! Recently my friend Seleise shared with us how she got her mojo going again so I thought I would try something too!

I sat down and looked at the towers full of stamps I have and realized that there was quite a bit of dust on several cases. I thought I better do something about that.

So here is the challenge...don't laugh when there is NO post tomorrow...I am going to take a set each day and make 1-3 cards each day. Today I met my goal. Tomorrow I may not. But I am sure going to try.

Today's set is TAC's Today and Forever! Such a cute set, and yes I forgot I owned it. :) Here are my 3 cards...

Super easy cards and really I feel better about things! I just might be back tomorrow! :)

NOW, I have said it before but I still am going to have some blog candy for my 10,000 hits. So I will do that first before anything else!

I am also going to be back and post my pics of the Salad Supper at church where I decorated a really fun table! I just have to share that with you!

Hope you are having a good Thursday! Grey's Anatomy is on tonight....I will, for sure, be on the couch...is anyone with me?


  1. I LOVE all three of these! My favorite is the sympathy one but the red circle one follows really close behind!

  2. Laurie these are wonderful! I think my fav is the today with circles card!!

  3. LOVE all of them - they are beautiful. You are the "dot/polka" queen in my book!! I don't want to look through my sets cause there are TOO many that haven't been used - someday though!

    I had a class for the preschool to attend last night so I had to dvr grey's....hoping to watch it tonight. Figure I need to do it when I'm in the mood to cry, lol!

  4. These are so pretty, Laurie! Love love love the last one... mmmmm pink :)

  5. Really good idea and cute cards. I have a ton of sets too may borrow that one. Working on lastest order, as I cut each set out I make a card or two, so I am not throwing on shelf and forgeting it!
    Has worked out quite well for me lately.

  6. Fabulous cards! I had seen them before, but I hadn't realized that the last one was from this set! Too cool! I am going to CASE these for a set sampler...one of my customers had just asked me what could be done with a set like this....PERFECT!

    The top one is my absolute fav! I fell in love with it immediatly. Thanks for the inspiration with this set


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