Salad Supper Table Decorations

So if any of you follow me on Twitter, I have been tweeting lately about the Salad Supper at church and all the preparations! This was my first table ever! So it was quite the task!

At our TAC Round Up this year, Connie Duckert, a fellow Angel, was sweet enough to give us instructions for paper overalls and strawberry boxes, so I thought I would take that theme and run with it! Here is my table all set up!

Here is a close up of an inidvidual setting:

Everyone got their own overalls, strawberries with Hershey's Kisses inside, strawberry jelly and a snack mix cup! Here is a picture of the front of the overals....

Here is the back view....

All together I made 64ish strawberries! Thankfully, I was able to make an .svg file for my Cricut and cut out all the leaves. I did the same for the Strawberry box, but to save paper, I made a photohop printout and cut them all out by hand! Each strawberry has a kiss inside!

Top view....
I was able to invite 7 friends to sit at my table, so for each of them I made a card to match the table. I wrote individual notes inside to each girl! Here are the cards...

And here are my friends....Vicky my MIL, Brandy my SIL, Serena, Jenni, Julia, Stacy and Laura!

It was a great night! We got to eat all kinds of salads, listen to a guy named Danny Oertli speak and sing, and best of all just visit...without kids! :)

I took pics of all of the other 28 tables but I know that would make for the longest post ever. Plus I just couldn't pick my favorites because I liked them all so much!

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you think!!



  1. What an amazing job you did...I love the colors together and your projects were perfectly done...including everyone getting a unique card. You must be exhausted! :)

  2. Wowza! What a TON of work! It's all so beautiful, though. VERY well done! :-)

  3. Wow Laurie, everything looks pretty!! You ROCK, I can imagien how special they felt when they saw the table and everything there!!


  4. This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You did a fabulous job! I LOVE IT!! I am way impressed!!!!

  5. OMG! What a fantastic table, Laurie! The overalls are freakin' adorable, and all of those little strawberries... yum ;)

    I love how everyone got a different card... very personal.

  6. OH MY GOODNESS! This is FABULOUS! I so want to know more about this event!

  7. This is amazing - I absolutely love the paper strawberries. rita w

  8. Beautiful, all of it. You have been BUSY!!

  9. Absolutely FanTACtical! What an amazing job you did!

  10. That was adorable! Wonderful projects!

  11. Laurie.....WOW!! What a fantastic looking table! All those details right down to the individual cards. Beautiful!

  12. Absolutely FANTASTIC! I can't say enough about how much I LOVE what you came up with...what a great theme

  13. You were busy, wow!!! The overalls and strawberries are SO cute and your cards are great as usual. I see some layouts that I want to try. TFS!!


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