Garage Sale Find

So I am all about the garage sale. Even if I only go a couple of times a year, I still love to find a deal. Really it is just about finding the time to go to the garage sale but when I do, it is all in the deal! OK moving on....

There was this garage sale the other day and there was really nothing that intersted me. But I kept looking because I was with my MIL and she was finding all the treasures. I just kept wandering around thinking how heavy Brody is and wishing I could go and put him in his car seat, when I picked something up and uncovered a box of STAMPS!! OK, so you are thinking I found the mother load right? Not really. But I did find 2 cute stamps. And at 50 cents a piece, I thought....why not!

They were old and I wondered if the rubber was even any good. I have no idea what company they were from but I didn't care. I just thought they were cute.....So here is what I made!

I am loving this hat stamp. I think it has lots of possibilities for scrapbooking! It turned out to have a pretty good image! I cleaned both really well and I think it helped out alot!

So that is it! No great story of uncovering someones long lost stamp collection. But I still had to share! Thanks for coming by today! (Thanks to my WOSFF for the bow/tag/sentiment idea I took from one of your latest cards!)


  1. Love how you popped the scalloped circle on top of a plain circle...looks so interesting that way! Cute cards and congrats on your "finds". :)

  2. Gotta love stamps for 50 cents!! Love both cards that you made. The polka dots on the first card are awesome!! It was great seeing you yesterday!

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  4. Even the smallest find can be a glod mine. 2 very cute stamps which you created 2 very smart cards. I especially love the hat.
    With the right colors it can be used for any celebration, or team colors for invites ,etc.

  5. I guess by now you know the Get Well stamp is SU. I've had it for years! Your cards are just wonderful and I LOVE the Christmas cards. Simple is my style too. Soon I will be getting SS benefits and can start ordering again . . hooray. Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the great work. Sharon in NJ


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