Paper Bag Book

Well, Jennifer gave me another fun idea, so I had to throw a paper bag book together! It is basically a little book or album made out of brown paper bags! Several months ago I ordered some pre-made paperbag books and they have been laying in a drawer ever since! Jennifer posted one on her blog that was so super cute! I had to try it out!

(Don't think you have to buy these either! You can make your own by folding lunch sacks in half! I bought some that are sewen together and supposedly sprayed with some "acid free" stuff! But they were cheap!)

This is the cover...you can see the holes punched along the side. I used beach balls and pales for the tabs on the little cards that slide out of the open ends of the paper bags.

I used cardstock to mount pictures on some pages but also used stamps and stickles on other pages just for little touches here and there!

I also used my wavy edged scissors for decorations and lots of ribbon! I love using staples to attach ribbon! And of course tying bows! I learned how to tie flat ribbon and knots so they look really cute!

This is a cute page of Rylee's and Sadye's pruny hands!

These are the tabs that you can pull out. I made this book for my friend Aubrey and her girls, Sadye and Lydia! I used the girls picture for the first slide outs!

On the back of the book I used my "handmade by laurie" stamp like Jennifer did but I deleted the picture from the blog and didn't want to go back and get it again! :)

These are so much fun to make and doing this little project has given me many more ideas for more! Thanks, Jennifer, for the ideas!

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