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Good Morning, friends!  This morning I thought I would share with you how I have my planner all set up for the new year.  I have decided this year to simplify things and keep it pretty basic.  I found that last year, all the decorating was a little distracting in trying to keep me and my family organized and so now I am trying a new route.


First off, I have chosen this beautiful cover for the Spiral Bound planner.  I love that I can keep this planner in my purse and its just the perfect size.

Right inside the cover, I have a pocket to keep mail in, as I am trying to "share handmade kindness" more often.  I have a little to do sticky note right there, just to add in notes.  


I used the large Basic Page die to create this clear page.  I actually cut this from a Cropper Hopper 12x12 paper divider.  That way it is a nice thick dashboard.  I added some washi along the side and can keep my 3x6 post it for my grocery list.  


The next page is a laminated cleaning list.  I found this list on Pinterest and then resized it down to a 5x7 page.  I printed it out and then lamented it, then cut it with the large page die.  I can take a marker and check off what I have done and then wipe it off for the next week. 


The next page is actually one of the covers that is available for the spiral bound planners.  It makes the PERFECT dashboard and is just another place to keep those post it lists.  


Probably one of the biggest changes I have made, is going from markers to pencils.  My dad has always had a planner and has always used pencils.  I used markers last year to keep it colorful but it also made for a messy layout when I had to erase or white out or coverup.  So I found this gorgeous "Spring Moss" colored mechanical pencil to use and it is perfect!  The white eraser works so well to change or move appointments.  


One more thing I did, was add a new back cover.  I took the large basic page die and cut out a piece of Berry Sorbet.  I took the page to Office Max, where they lamented it for me in the 10mil thickness.  It feels just as sturdy as the front page.  I traced the front cover to line up and make this new back page the very same size.  The crop-o-idle hole punch works great to cut out the binding.  


This newer, smaller planner is SO awesome!  I am so happy with the changes and think Nichole has done such an amazing job!

Last tip....any stretchy headband works great to put around your planner to keep everything together.  Target has lots of fun colors!


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So that is it for today!  Hope to see you back later this week for the Papertrey Ink January Release.  Thanks so much for coming by today!  Have a great Monday!



  1. HEADBAND use is a superb idea! Though I have Papertrey's Grey Binder Planner this would be great to HOLD the CURRENT spot in the planner. I WISH I MIGHT that Nicole would expand with a GREAT PUNCH to be used with the BINDER ( New addition this year from Ashley ) PLANNER or other dies as she's done for the SPIRAL BOUND addition of Papertrey's Binder ...

  2. Ooooh, this is awesome, Laurie!! Love it! And that headband tip?!...genius! ;)

  3. I used markers some last year, a lot of Planner Banners, too. This year, Frixon pens or pencil - just due to the "eraseability" factor. I did use a marker for something this week...that then got rescheduled. AND, I wrote something in marker on the wrong date in February!!!! :/ Ugh! Not happening again...eraseable stuff or Planner Banners exclusively from now on.

    Fantastic tip on the clear dashboard using a Cropper Hopper divider. I'm pretty sure I have several of those in my closet! :D

    Hobby Lobby has great headbands (I found the baby ones work perfectly) in a billion different colors. They also have beautiful decorative elastic should someone want to make their own planner band. (bought a huge collection of them last year...can you tell?)

    Great tips today, Laurie!!

  4. This is great, Laurie! I need to clean more often! haha Love the back cover tip about going to office supply store to get that "strong" lamenation.

  5. Lots of great tips!

    I too think I'm going to go with pencil this year. I 'hate' when things get re-scheduled and I have to use white out or cover up the now obsolete entry.

    I will be on the lookout for a pretty colored pencil like yours that writes well. Also, can you share where you found the cleaning list? That looks like something that I could work with.



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