2016 Moments Inked Planner Review...

Hello there, Planner friends!  Today, I have something fun to share.  Papertrey Ink has released their 2016 planner and I am excited to give you some thoughts about it.  I know at this point, you have seen lots of pics and some video and heard lots of details. so I thought I would just stop in with my top 5 favorite new planner details.

1.  The new spiral binding.  


I definitely could add a couple points to #1.  I do LOVE the new covers.  They are so gorgeous and I know it will be hard to pick.  I also love that the planner itself is thinner.  Its such a great size at 7x5 and will fit perfectly in my bag.

2.  The Color Guide inside the cover....


This page will be such a help when it comes to all the dashboard making and color matching to go throughout the year.  LOVE that Nichole outlined it all in one spot for us.

3.  The dies for the Spiral Binding from last year still work with the new system.  I love love the Listed and Posed sets and can't wait to use them this year.

ps....i know this is the binder in this photo as I talk about the spiral die cuts....opps.


4.  The new white post it notes.


I love that everything matches.  And when you put a neon yellow post it down?  Well, ya know!  The white keeps everything nice and clean.  And of course, they go perfectly with the Posted Stamp set.  :)

5.  The new daily column layout...


I was definitely used to the "morning, afternoon and evening" sections, but this new lined column is fabulous!  I love a good list!

Here is a quick video from when I received the box and a little about getting started.  

I hope you love your 2016 Moments Inked Planner as much as I do!  I can't wait to see how you use yours.  Please stop over to the PTI Forum and chat with us!  

Happy New Year!



  1. "When you put a neon yellow post-it down..." Hahahahaha!!!! That is so true!!!!

  2. I love this planner - especially the spiral bound version! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  3. Thanks so much for opening the box with us! I'm a 'List Maker', too, so I think this year's planner is going to work out great! I LOVE the covers, too :)

  4. Oh, now you have me thinking...or planning! Thx :-)


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