Super Easy "Leaf" How To....

So the other day, I showed you how to make super easy polka dots without actually having a polka dot stamp! In that post I made a background with red polka dots! I used that background in today's card!

Now today, I am going to show you how to make "leaves" without using an actual leaf die cut! I was inspired to make "leaves" from this blog. These are similar to Dawn's but I have put my own little twist on them. Here they are....aren't they cute?

First, pick your green cardstock and grab a circle punch. I used Marvy's....I love my Marvy's! They are my favorite. :) I love that you can take the bottom "paper catcher" off and see where you are punching! If you want 2 leaves, punch one circle.

Then slide your circle into the punch and when you see your desired "leaf" shape, punch it out!

Then repeat.

Next, put your "leaf" on your Scor-Pal...

and score horizontally.

Repeat...and then gently bend on the score line!

There you have it. Super easy peasy leaves! Attach to the back of your flower with glue dots and you are done! :)

Just a few other ways to use the circle punches. You can always use different size punched for different size leaves. Here is a 1 inch and it makes the cutest little leaves. You can also run your edge distresser or even your finger nail over the edge to give it worn look. I used Burnt Umber on the one in the picture.

Thanks for stopping by again! Remember to leave a link in your comment or email me, if you have something to share!


  1. Are these the flower punches in the TAC catalogue? I have them on my list....do you like the sizes? Great card with the leaves!! Will have to try that technique.

  2. Awesome idea! Thanks for schooling me girly!

  3. Fantastic!! Great little 'how-to', and I LOVE all of the dimension you've given your card... awesome!

  4. These leaves look great! I will have to try this soon!

  5. super cute card, great idea on making the leaves...

  6. awesome! have you ever put the leaves through the corru-gator? i have! you will get another great look.

  7. These are just too darling! Love the textures on your card and the colors are fabulous.

  8. I love Marvy punches-need that 1". Cute card-like the flower and dots. tfs the how to for the leaves.


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