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So by now, you have lots of fun planner stamps to use with your planner.  I thought I would stop in and share a non-planner project for your kiddos.  I have 2 and chores are kind of a big deal around here.  My kids do best when they have a list....like their mom...and so I thought I would make it more fun and create a colorful chore clip board.

(All supplies are listed at the end of the post.)


First, I used the Headliner Alphabet (my absolute favorite alpha die set) and created a rainbow title on the side.  


I used the 3x3 post its, available in the PTI Store, to create to do lists where I can add things that need to be done during the week.  I also added in a coordinating initial of their names. 


I used the 3x6 post its to create the chore lists.  The numbers come in the set, along with the 3x6 lines, called Posted II.  The circles are in the Posted set and make the perfect place for the kids to check off their chores.  


These post its are so handy to have around.  I love the white post its!  They are so easy to add color too and coordinate well with your planner colors.  


Now I am off to fill this thing out and get the chores going for the day!  I appreciate your stopping in!  Hope you have a great day!


Chore Board Supply List: 


  1. Love your chores clipboard. Great idea. I don't have kids but I should make a "honey do" for my hubby. :)

  2. This is SO cute, Laurie. Hope it helps to get chores done! I think I need one of those for myself. 😀


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