Recently, I made a card that was inspired by an envelope.  You can see that card HERE.  So as I was stamping for that card, I started with the blue lines you see below.  When I finished stamping the 2 images, I realized that these were so perfectly lined up on the edges and I wasn't even trying for that.  So because these were so uniform, I had to stamp another card base for that envelope card and use this one for this card....


I had this one all planned out in my head although I figured the stripes would go all the way across.  Since these were pretty even, I had to keep it like this.  Now if I tried to do it again?  It wouldn't happen.  lol

I am going to be helpful and leave a supply list at the bottom of this post.  I have talked about this before.  I know I am SO bad at that.  I promise to try harder.  (Thanks Chupa!) :)

Wanna see what I just drove through?

Yeah.  I know its not the biggest hail ever....but it did sound like it!  My car is ok.  Thankfully!

OK, I am helping with Camp Physicals at church tonight for the kiddos, so I better get around and get busy!  Thanks for stoppin in!

Supplies (Whhoohooo!!)

Stamps: Lots of Thanks (Simon Says Stamp), Designer Lines (Clear and Simple)
Paper: Stampers Select White and Pure Poppy (PTI)
Ink: Navy (Amuse) Pure Poppy (PTI)
Misc: Heart Dies (Clear and Simple)  and misc white twine


  1. Gorgeous card, Laurie! Thanks for the supply list, I was curious about the lines. :-)

    I wouldn't want to drive through that hail! I think it could still leave a few dints! Glad you made it safely.

  2. Adorable card!

    Wow! That is some major hail! Scary!

  3. I'm so bad about supply lists too. I love your card...the stripes are awesome and glad you're okay with that nasty hail.

  4. Awesome card Laurie! And yay, a supply list!! I can't believe that hail, that is crazy - when your post came up in my Reader I thought they were mushrooms!

  5. Very cute Laurie, love the heart cut out with the twine!

  6. Laurie love your design, fun fun card and I LOVE your supply list! ;)

  7. Such a cute card!! Love the tie on the heart :) Yikes for the hail!! We very rarely get it here and when we do it is very small. Glad the card is okay and you are too :)

  8. So glad you are safe, and I am really loving this card! Sweet, and simple, and perfectly stamped!

  9. Laurie, you have to stop calling your new series "envelope" cards because that sounds so, I don't know, not as deserving for how smart and incredible these stripey cards are. Personally, I'm sort of tired of chevrons and hope what you've done here is start a brand new trend of straight chevrons, otherwise known as stripes, which are classic and cool and awesome, especially when you play with them and tie them up with hearts!!

    And I'm sorry about the freaking hail and I mean, really, freaking, as in out of the ordinary, because it is the end of April, Mother Nature, enough already!!

  10. Love the card and wow, that's some serious hail!

  11. Oh, wow! So glad you and your car are okay. We didn't get any of the nasty weather we were forecasted to get... THANKFULLY! It stayed too cold.

    LOVE your card! Such a yummy, nautical feel!

  12. Delicious! Love your card. You have been on a roll lately, my dear. :)

  13. Love that your card was probably meant to be. And I thought you were holding bird's eggs....until I read some of the other comments. Yikes!

  14. Ok.....finally a supply list!!!!!! I've been on you forever! Hehe. Love the striped card.....so very on trend!!!


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