Ugliest card ever Blog Hop

I LOVE this little blog hop that my friend Suzanne started.  It's so fun to see everyone's cards and see how our styles have changed over the years!  And of course, all in good fun on April Fools day!

 I knew exactly the card I was going to choose for this hop....even though I have plenty more where this one came from!  Maybe they aren't all ugly, but dated or once loved.  We had to love them at some point to post them right?  :)

Ok so I am sort of embarrassed to even re-post this card.  Mainly for these reasons: 

1.  The card says "Pig Poop" on the front.
2.  Pig poop again really.

This was the first card I posted on my blog back in 2007.  Yes that means that this year is my 6th Blogging Anniversary!  WHAT?  I can't believe I have been blogging that long.  

So without further ado...Pig Poop everybody!

And with a fantastic handwritten message....

I can't wait to hop around and see everyone's cards!  When it all boils down to it, ugly card or not, we all put our heart into this wonderful hobby don't we?  Any hand made card puts a smile on someones face!  I'm laughing smiling at this Pig card right now!  :)

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Laurie,

    I know what you mean. When I think back to the horrors I made, it makes me cringe. The worst thing is, we thought they were fab!!!

    Piggy card made me smile too.

    Colette xx

  2. Hahaha! The thing is, Laurie, I think your card is PERFECT. Because, after all, when we forget a dear one's birthday, don't a lot of us think, "Oh, Shiz!" Well, not any more! From now on, around here, I'll be saying, "Oh, Pig Poop!" So much more refined, so much funnier and funner to say!!

  3. This is so not ugly. I remember the bandana trend. That's why I'm worried about what we're going to think of what we've made today when next year rolls around! Ah well, it's all for fun!

  4. P.S. Happy SIXTH blogiversary, Laurie!!! I can only aspire and be grateful that you lead with style and amazing skill!!

  5. Darnell is right. "Pig poop" is waay funnier! Not really too ugly, Laurie, just busier than the cards we see now. I will admit to liking the little pig. This is such a fun road to stroll down! Happy anniversary too. Bev

  6. Oh my goodness, this pig poop card makes me giggle. And I can't believe you have been blogging since 2007! Wow! Your work is amazing, which means there is lots of hope for the rest of us!

  7. Your early work was amazing...no wonder you are a card-making genius!! Thanks for sharing, Laurie :)

  8. Tee hee..oh pig poop! My question is just who made the stamps LOL!!!

  9. You're so brave! I'm so glad you posted this!

  10. This has been such a fun day looking at all these card but the day Laurie shares an ugly card...has to be
    April Fools Day!

  11. Not ugly, but totally not you Laurie. So glad you shared. Happy April Fool's day!

  12. Hahaha! Laurie, it is somehow comforting to know that someone who makes such beautiful cards now once upon a time made a "Pig Poop" card. ;-) This is quite cute, although definitely not your style these days.

  13. I've been waiting to see this pig card all day...
    and lovin' it!! :)
    Is that an actual stamp that says "pig poop"?
    And you bought it?!! :)
    You crack me up...
    I'm seriously typing through tears right now! :)
    And this is fun because I know what an incredible talent you are...
    you constantly blow me away...
    so to see where you started...
    gives me hope! :)

  14. Okay, a birthday card that says pig poop is baaad, very baaad, (farmhouse humor ;)) The pig image does look quite embarrassed about it LOL! I am so glad you posted this Laurie! I would never think that you made anything baaad EVER! The fact that this was your first post makes it even better in my book!

  15. Oh Laurie, this is so much fun! I'm so very glad to know that I'm not the only one who has cards in my past that I'm not proud of (to say the least!)
    Thanks so much for sharing this cute card. Now, let's see if I have the nerve to join in!

  16. Haha!! That is so funnY!! I have one almost just like it except with a chicken!! Those were the days...

  17. Thanks for the laugh! From now on I'll start using the "oh pig poop" bit at my house instead of something a bit more unrefined. LOL I actually love this card!! what a great way to send a belated birthday or oops I forgot something card.

  18. I'm sorry I cant stop laughing ....pig poop and more than once! Oh it's good to know you did not start out perfect! Not that bad just funny the way you wrote about it! I love it and thanks for the laugh.

  19. okay, you totally made my day because of the pig poop.

  20. pig poop! pig poop! pig poop! pig poop! pig poop!

    trying saying that 5 times! I am still laughing!!


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