A little trip...

(A not-so-crafty post, just to share a few several photos!)

My blog has been a little quiet lately because I've been on a fun little trip! I'm actually blogging from my phone right now just to share a few of my favorite pictures. So please excuse any grammar or spelling issues! :)

My sister Stephanie and I just flew from Denver to Portland to surprise our sister Michelle!

(insert happy Michelle picture....) :)

The three of us spent a couple days at Cannon Beach, Oregon. Let me just tell you. This was fabulous! Quiet, cool but not cold. And oh so gorgeous! Here are a few pictures I took with my phone.

Here is the house and it's front yard...

Here is more of the gorgeous view... 

This is the inside of the house.  (I didn't get a picture of the cute Ikea kitchen.)

I had to do one of those "write your name in the sand" pics too, you know! 

I could look at this forever...

Does this rock look familiar to anyone?

Well if it does, you may be a Goonies fan like me!  We were like serious Goonie nerds here.  You can't park by the house, but you can park in the street and walk up the hill.  

Here is a dorky half-face photo of me in front of the Goonie house...and NO.  I did not do the truffle shuffle.  ;)  

And the whole house now....

These guys were chillin down the hill from the Goondocks....

This big bridge we had to drive across, just so we could say we went to Washington too!

Starting the day this way was totally good for the soul.....

And one more picture (my favorite picture from the whole trip...taken by my phone no less...) of the 3 chairs that we sat in, just staring at the ocean. 

Here are 2 more fun panoramic shots of the beach and the row of houses...

Ok, I hope I haven't bored you with all these pictures!  I just had to share what I've been up to!  Hope you are all doing well!  I have had several emails about the dies.  I am going to put my Paypal button back in the sidebar here soon!  Thanks for visiting today!  Have a great weekend!  



  1. *Sigh* How wonderful for you! It looks like you've had a really great time. I'm trying to get my two sisters and I on some kind of get away, but all 3 of us are expecting new grandbabies this summer, so it looks like a fall trip. Your photo of the chairs is, well, amazing. Wish we were there! Thanks for sharing your vaca pix with us! Bev

  2. Lucky you to spend quality time with your sisters!
    I also have 2 sisters and I miss them so much... living +- 7000km's (4500miles)away from each other!
    I ♥ those chairs!

  3. very awesome post Laurie. I was introduced to the goonies by my hubby. I am not from U.S.A. our kids love that movie too...that is so cool that the house is still up. The view is gorgeous!

  4. Can you head up a few more states so we can visit!!! LOVE Cannon Beach!! Drove the Oregon Coast about 20 years ago and just loved it! Enjoy your sister time :)

  5. I spent my honeymoon in Cannon Beach and we took our kids back a couple of times after that too! Such a beautiful place! Looks like you had fun!

  6. Your pictures are beautiful, Laurie...LOVE the three chairs!! There's nothing like time with sisters, hope you have a wonderful time!!

  7. I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip..and you loved Oregon. I feel pretty lucky to call it home :)

  8. Laurie, this sounds wonderful! The view from those three chairs is spectacular! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos. :-)

  9. Love your photos, especially the one with the chairs. You should create a card with that one! Happy Easter to you and your family Laurie. :)

  10. yahoooo for the Pacific Northwest! Awesome pics!!!!

  11. Glad you got a chance to visit both OR and WA! The PNW has a character all it's own! Enjoy your visit! At least you got some fab weather while you were here!

  12. That was a delightful share, Laurie! I'm all over sister visits and surprises and this was the loveliest. I'm going to check out that beach (easy for us to get to from No. CA) and that house! I was literally drooling looking at those brightly color beach chairs!!

    Keeping with the beach theme, I hope I get in on the next "wave" of those fab dies!!

    Happy Easter!

  13. How fun Laurie! As soon as I saw the picture of the house and yard I said "Goonies"! I could see the rocks in the background. Awesome! My sister and her family are headed there this week during their Spring Break. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your sisters. Precious memories.

  14. Thanks for sharing your vacay photos! I have two sisters, too, and it reminded me of the last time we got together. My fave shot is the three Adirondack chairs. Happy Easter!

  15. BEAU.TI.FUL!!! I adore Oregon and that house...that beach... nothing beats a Chick Trip to the Sea! Thanks for sharing the photos -- I really miss the sea :)

  16. How fun, Laurie, and great pictures! You really lucked out with the weather as it's been gorgeous in WA.

  17. Oh, what a fabulous trip and wonderful photos! Looks like you had a great time, my friend!
    (P.S. I was just thinking about the Goonies movie the other day and wondering if my kids would like it.... Too funny!)

  18. beautiful pics for sure! that bedroom reminded me of an LL Bean catalog. great memories to cherish :)

  19. Wonderful!! Looks like you had a blast.

  20. What a wonderful, memorable trip for you and your sisters! Looks like you had a great few days on the coast, even venturing across the Astoria Bridge into my state! Thanks for the post & photos!

  21. Bore us to death?! Not at all! I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing all these beautiful pics! It so makes me want to go back and visit again one day soon!

  22. Looks like a great trip!! Love all of your pics, especially of the chairs!

  23. Great post Laurie! I love The Goonies. That's how I became a Sean Austin fan back in the day!! I always want to go to Oregon. Glad you get to spend some quality time with your sisters.


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