Sunday, March 10, 2013

I like you.

Yes I am playing around with that new PTI alphabet again.  In fact, this card I made quite awhile back but just haven't posted it yet.


An all white card!  You know how I love white space.  I just ran the alpha dies through several times to get a bunch of letters to create a homemade impression plate.  (Remember my HI card?  I was working on this card when that HI card came about.  I had accidentally run 2 sheets of card stock through and was able to get that impression.)


To get the homemade impression plate, I stacked these die cut letters about 3 high and then ran it through my Big Shot with another piece of cardstock.  I did mist the card so the paper wouldn't rip.  Here is a quick pic of the letters I glued down....

This was kinda fun to make.  Lots of work stacking all those letters but I thought the end result was fun.   I think I would do it again.  As long as the sentiment was less than 3 words!  LOL!  Now I have TONS of extra letters all in a baggie so that is handy to have.  Easy to grab.  Since I may have mentioned I sorta like this alpha bet set.  Which I had planned on not saying....again!  :)

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  1. Breathtaking, Laurie! I love how you made your own embossing template!

  2. I make my own embossing plates also. I love the letter variation. Thanks for sharing the tip on misting the paper to prevent cracking. :)

  3. Great way to make those dies go a long way further!!! I love the white on white!

  4. This is FANTASTIC! I love it! I must try it!

  5. Stunning idea your creation

  6. What a great idea and awesome card!

  7. Ack!!! I can't resist your cards!!

    Do you sleep with those dies under your pillow? You know, you and Amy enabled me into getting those dies:)

    Hope you have a great week girlie! Honk!

  8. I haven't been commenting every time, but you are giving me a heart attack with all this amazingness lately. Just love your cards (and you!).

  9. This is soooo neat Laurie! So creative and I love the white-on-white! I love your new blog header by the way!

  10. This is super clever Laurie! Love the way you think ;)


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