Fabulous Blogger Star Award

Regan over at Papercraft Star, was so sweet to pass on this award to me!  Thank you Regan!! 

Next I have to answer 2 questions:

The best project I ever made was....my dd's scrapbook!  I should say scrapbook'S because she does have a few at this point!  I started scrapbooking in 1998 and have loved it ever since!  I love being able to look back on those memories that would be forgotten otherwise!  Kids grow up way to fast and having these memories glued to a page is just the best way to keep them!

I like to craft because...hmmmm...this is a hard one to put in to words!  Well...I just love to!  :)  I think as papercrafters we pour our heart into each creation and it is so nice to pass those things on to people when they need encouragement!  It is also a huge stress reliever for me!

Now to share this with 3 Fabulous Bloggers:

Once you have picked up your award, please post it on your own blog and answer these two questions:

The best project I ever made was...

I like to craft because...

Then, select 3 people to award the blog award to, posts their names and blog addresses and go leave a comment at the blogs for the award winner to pick up the star from their blog, who will then do the same thing.

This is a wonderful way to recognize the amazing crafters out there and spread a little crafting encouragement and inspiration.

Thank you again to Regan!  Have a great day!

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  1. How sweet of you, Laurie! Thanks so much for thinking of me!


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