A Cherry on Top Award!

OH my goodness, my new blog friend Sue has passed on this award to me!  What a fun little surprise!  She is super talented and I just love looking at all of her gorgeous creations! 
We both have little Rylee's too!  So fun! 
Thank you Sue!

So now I am supposed to share something I like about myself..hmmmm?  Well, I love that I have such a great family!  I have the best husband, Lynn and 2 fantastic kiddos!  I am so lucky be able to stay home with them and have them with me every day! 

Now I have to share a photo....

This is a fun one of my kids at Tanganyika Wildlife Area!  They loved it! And I loved the photo opps!  :)

Next, I have to pass this on to 5 bloggers!  This is a hard one for me because
I have SO many I go to everyday!!

1. Jen -She got me into stamping so many years ago and has become a great friend!  We are lucky
enough to live 5 minutes from each other and she totally understands this crazy hobby!
2. Amy -Another fantastic blogger and friend!  We are both nurses and paper-crafters and it
is nice to have those things in common!  We can talk "shop" and understand each other! :)
3. Barb -A wonderful friend, who is ridiculously talented and can tango with a Copic marker
which always makes my jaw drop!
4. Dana-This gal is super sweet and talented!  She always has amazing words of encouragement and always 
blows me away with her attention to detail!  She is always such a source of inspiration!  
5. Sue Ann-Just one of the most fun blog friends/commenter's/creative people!  I have had so much fun
getting to know her through blog land!  She makes me laugh everyday and
I love having her out there...in my computer, right Sue Ann? 
And I know I was only supposed to do 5 but I had to pass this on to Keva too!  She is just so sweet and very creative!  She is good at enabling me I think! hehe! ;)

I could really pass this on to all 200+ blogs in my reader!  I have everyone in there for a reason....there are so many inspiring blogs out there! 

So thanks again to Sue!  I appreciate you thinking of me!  Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Aww...thank you, Laurie! What a sweet thing Sue did for you and now you're passing it along to me (and others!). I can't wait to do it and then pass it along...so fun!

  2. This is so sweet Laurie! Thank you.....

  3. Love that photo of the kiddos! I had to laugh at how she is holding on to him! LOL, like you told her to "not let him fall"

    Thank you for the thoughtful words girly, you truly ARE the cherry on top of my google reader!


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