Pinterest Party

So Friday night I went to a Pinterest Party.  My friends, Laura and Sarah, put together the most fun evening.  Unfortunatly, my evening was cut short due to a sick kiddo, (yes its going around here like wildfire) but I did get to be there and check everything out...and eat too!  :)

The idea of the party was for everyone to make a Pinterest project and then bring it to share and giveaway.  We also brought an Pinterest inspired appetizer for the evening too.  

First off here are the gift bags, I didn't get a picture close up, but the gift bags say, "I actually made something I pinned on Pinterest." Cute!

Here are the decorations and some of the food...

And the most amazing Sangria...with super cute little mason jar glasses.  Sarah used the top part of the mason jar lid for coasters and wrote our names on the lids.  Such a good idea!

I wish I would have had time to get pics of all the projects, but I do have a pic of the project I got to take home....

These are my friends Liz and Tris.  Tris made this scarf hanger but she even had "prototypes".  LOL!  All this is is hangers and shower curtain rings!  You can see the original site HERE.

Here is the project I found on Pinterest....


Handmade Sugar Scrub.  I should actually call it a handwashing scrub because it has dawn Dish soap in in.  But it's the kind with Oil of Olay, so when you are done using it....your hands feel AMAZING!

The best part?  Its just sugar and Dawn Dish Soap.  SO insanely easy to make and mass produce.  You can find the original idea HERE. (Amy has such a fun blog!  Lots of cute ideas!)  I made the label using a Martha Stewart Kraft Label and then the stamps from Al Naturel Extras from Clear and Simple.   OH and that jar is from Hobby Lobby!  This is really an expensive gift or party favor!

I would highly recommend having a Pinterest Party!  It's such a fun time with friends and its even more fun to actually make something we've pinned!  :)

Thanks for coming by today!


  1. What a fun idea! Love your ideas and creations! Great idea to have a party like this!!
    Hugs, Wendy

  2. What a FUN idea!!! LOVE IT!!! Sorry to hear about the sick kiddo! Stay healthy, girl!!! And thanks for sharing this!! It's so inspiring!!!

  3. That sounds like such fun Laurie! I think my DIL & her teacher friedns would love to do this, must remember to tell her! Your little soap scrub jar is adorable!

  4. I what to go to a pinterest party!!! I pin sooo many things I "plan" to do one day but, I mean who ever actually does them right!?! Fun stuff. Lovely jar and I remember that pin :) Take care of the little ones!!!

  5. What a fun idea! You reminded me that I have had that hand scrub pinned FOREVER... I have to try it! I love the way you packaged it up - it looks so beautiful!

  6. I think Pinterest will become one of the biggest icons of the decade - one day this kind of party will be considered so retro (like we think of Tupperware parties!!). The projects look brilliant too - what an amazing idea!
    Sorry your little one was poorly though - we have it this side of the pond too :-(

  7. What a fun idea! It would totally justify the amount of time I spend on there! ;)

  8. What fun! So wish we live closer so I could go!


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