It's been a week since I've been in this room.  I thought I'd better do some cleaning...trying to get back in the mood....and found this card I made back in December.  I made this out of my first ever SC kit from a couple months ago.  This was actually my first wood veneer card attempt and I was actually sorta scared of these wood things and for the same reason never posted this card. :)   Since then, I have shared several creations using wood veneers...I've gotten over the fear and onto being addicted.  So I thought I would stop in and share this card.  


I decided to use some pattern paper in layers again.  I only used 3 stamps here too.  The circle stamp and the happy stamp are from an SC Silhouette class kit and the You & Me stamp is from the SC kit I got in December, along with those fun feathers!  I've been thinking a lot about the rule of thirds, which I feel I sort of lean towards anyway.  But this card definitely is all about the middle third.  Do you have a specific design you lean towards?

I'm really liking this card.  I think its a totally non-trad Valentines day card. I love the soft colors and that BG paper makes me happy!

Hope you are having a happy Thursday!  I am off to the market for some fruit.  I am hooked on smoothies lately.  So if you have any fun recipes to share, please do!

This one is Strawberries, Banana, Mango, Spinach, Coconut Milk, Flax and Chia Seeds. So yummy and no sweeteners added!  

Alright!  Hope you have a great day!


  1. Laurie, this is so sweet. so many fun layers and the wood veneers are a fun little touch. Your smoothie looks just as yummy.

  2. Oh I just love this card, Laurie! I *moxie* love it, in fact!

    I drink a smoothie pretty much every morning. Here's what I put in mine: almond milk, spinach, ground flax seed meal, plant-based protein powder, berries, and a frozen banana. Delish! It looks very similar to the one you've posted here! :)

  3. Love this fun card Laurie and your mix of patterns ~ the feathers are cute! Your smoothie looks delish ;)

  4. This card is just awesome Laurie! I'm really glad you got over your wood veneer fear (hee!) and decided to post it!! I really need to use those little arrow stamps!!

  5. here's a great resource i turn to:

  6. I reckon you're a wood veneer expert, girlie! Perfect placement & fab design!

  7. Love love the wood and the tiny little arrow stamp!

  8. Fun, trendy card. I have to get me some feathers! Congrats on being featured at Moxie Fab.

  9. Super fun use of the patterned strips and wood veneer feathers! I love that little "happy" with the arrow ends. :)


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