Happy 4th!

I don't have an actual 4th of July card to share....but it's got the whole US on it. Does that count? LOL!  Clear and Simple has a new set called The States too and they also have a die to match!  Here is a rainbowy  (I'm pretty sure that is not a word!) CAS card using this new set...


My disclaimer here, is that in real life the red states do not look blotchy.  I am not a great colorer but I promise, it looks better than that.  I am blaming it on the photo!  :)  

Anyway, hope you and your families have a terrific day!  We are out in the little pool and headed to another bigger pool tonight before the fireworks.  Yes there is a pool theme going here today because its stupid hot outside.  STUPID.  I would love to stay in my craft room all day but you know how that would be...bad mommy.  :)  So it's off to sweat I go! hehe!  Have a great day!


  1. Happy 4th of July! Yes, this counts as an Independence Day card :) I like it a lot! I hope that the pool cools you guys off today.

  2. Oh I so dislike sweating! But you are being the good mommy. Love your card and I do know you color very well so it is the camera or something!! Happy Sweating...I mean Happy Fourth:)

  3. Happy 4th of July, Laurie!!!
    Love this rainbowy CAS number! I'm pretty sure your colouring ROCKS! :D

  4. Happy Fourth of July. I love your rainbow US map. Sorry it is so hot near you--we are actually fogged in today, and it's very chilly. Go figure.

  5. Laurie - My mom and I both love this card! She tried to leave a comment, but couldn't get it to post.


  6. SUPER CUTE card Laurie! I wish my state were really blue right now but it feels more like that sweaty blotchy red ones hehe...just kidding about the blotches LOL!!! BLAME it on the HEAT ;)

  7. Wow! Really Wow! I love your card! I love that there is a die!

  8. Too cute :O) Love the rainbow of colours.

    As for the heat - good on you mommy! We are wondering if summer and sunshine will ever come out here!!! Spring never came, and we just went through Junuary (coldest June in 45 years). Even turned the gas fireplace on the other morning to get the chill out of the room! Oh and let's not forget the rain, and more rain, and more rain. Haven't had to do any watering yet and still have some standing water in our back yard.

    They say we are in for a bit of sunshine and I sure everyone will be wearing shorts no matter how cold it is just to say they have worn them at least once this year LOL! Come on summer!!!

  9. Ummm... not the WHOLE US... you don't have Alaska and Hawaii! We've been apart of the USA for fifty years now! I do love your card! Happy 4th of July!

    Kris in Alaska
    funamom at yahoo dot com

  10. Happy 4th of July to you too! This is an incredible card and love your United States, just fabulous and very creative.

  11. Very creative, Laurie! The simplicity is part of the appeal and the rainbow colours ar fab! Yes! We all have to sacrifice our crafting time to be good mums ... Don't we!!! Hugs xxx

  12. Love your CAS card. It's so cool how you colored the different areas. Great idea!!


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