Clear and Simple CAS and Storage talk

So I recently posted THIS card and told you how I was so excited to have this new Clear and Simple set.  I had to go and make another card!  I have also been getting oodles of emails about CSS stamps, their storage etc.  So I thought I would share some thoughts and pictures of their stamps and storage....this set in particular!  First off, here is my very CAS card...(thank you Nicki for you help!) xoxo


This set is called Spring.  Such a fun set!  You can see by those boots how amazing the image is.  That pink is all stamp and another new to me, product from Clear and Simple called, Anonymous Source.  This is CSS's own watermark/embossing ink. Just ink up that solid stamp and then ink again with the color of your choice...this equals a great image!  Interrupting programming here.... 

Can I tell you how much I love this stuff?  It's amazing!  I'm pretty sure it's a must have for any clear stamp stamping just to get that perfect solid image! (Can I tell you that I love it way better than Versamark...which I have used since I first started stamping?  The watermark image is so much darker and it's just good stuff.  Go put it in your cart.  hehe!   

Back to the program...The stamps also line up perfectly easy!  And of course, with this set, the dies need to follow!  They are just adorable!  And I finished the boots off by stamping a little heart (I love love this tiny heart from Taglines: Critters...well the whole set is SO fun but the heart...too cute!)

Ok so for all of you curious about their storage here goes!  I hope these pictures help out a little!  When you order your sets, they come just like this...

Already in a DVD case, labeled and ready to go.  When you open the case, you can see the insert on one side and the stamps on the other.  The insert explains the care of your stamps with other important info.  On the other side of the insert is a blank page to jot down ideas, sketches etc.  You can also store your masks inside so you don't have to make them again.  Super handy!!

Now if you order the dies, they will come in this envelope...

....and it fits perfectly inside the DVD case with the insert behind it.  

So inside the envelope, you can store your dies...

and all the extra die cuts.  I haven't taken the die's apart just yet, because I can run the whole thing through and keep all those extra dies for next time...including the ones I stamped on and didn't use...

Again, you can see here how it all comes together...

I had to add in the picture of the other side too, with the complete index label.  

I hope that answers the questions I have been getting.  If you haven't checked out Clear and Simple stamps yet, you can see their new Collection 4 HERE.  Lots of great stuff, amazing stamps and lots of super fun dies!  

Thanks to everyone for coming by!  If you have any other questions, please let me know!  Have a great day!


  1. Super cute CAS card, Laurie. Thanks for showing us how the CSS and dies are packaged. I like it.

  2. First of all Super Duper cute card! Secondly, thank for posting the info about CSS. I see an order in the very near future!!

  3. Thanks for this post... now I am even more excited to order... that is if I could decide what needs to go in my cart first! LOL!

  4. Cutest little card! Thank you for showing us how the stamps and dies come and how they are stored. I now see why CSS charges more for their stamps. And thanks for the recommendation on the watermark ink. I'm definitely going to try it!

  5. Very sweet card! That ink covers so well, I'm impressed. Thanks for enabling, I mean, showing us those great stamps!

  6. WOW! I love how CSS packages their stamps! I was a bit hesitant in ordering from them since they are quite pricey for me. But I do love how they are stored!

  7. Oh wow! I've been hesitating for a while- you've just sold me on CSS and that stamp set!!

  8. WOW--must place an order! I think I could actually learn to like clear stamps--never knew to use versamark first before color! I must order the anonoymous source now!! {Still a HUGE fan of yours}

  9. Wow, what a cool way to store the stamps and dies! I think CAS is going to have a spike in their sales soon because of this ;) Adorable card, too! Just love those boots in the puddle.

  10. So so CUTE! Thanks for the peek at the new packaging, I haven't seen it in person yet. I also love the watermark ink!

  11. Cute CAS card! Love when stamps come packaged this way! ;o)

  12. How thoughtful. I love seeing how the new CSS case and envie works.


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