Mojo Monday

Yes this is my third post of the day!  Sheesh, I know!  I had to stop in with my sketch card for Mojo Monday!  I found this paper in my scrap bin and then saw the sketch and I know I had to play along!


Here is this weeks sketch!  I left out one of the circles after staring at it for awhile!  Then I added some bling!  If all else fails right?  :)

I mentioned keeping sketches on my phone recently and had some emails about it!  So I thought I would share!  I have the iPhone 4 and love being able to take screen shots.  I'm sure some of you already know how to do this but with the questions I've had, I thought it would be good to share!

So this is the Monday Mojo post open on my phone in my google reader....

Once I have the page where I want it, I take a screen shot but pushing the top power button and the front main button at the same time.  This takes a screen shot photo and puts the photo right in to your camera roll.

Go to your camera roll and open the photo.  Using your fingers, make the sketch bigger to fit the whole screen....

Once you have the sketch full size, then push those same 2 buttons again to take another screen shot ....

I go back and delete the first Google reader pic and then I have the sketch pic in my camera roll, ready to go whenever I sit down!  No need to go and find the website!  

I do the same thing with recipes, coupons, adds...the screen shot is so handy to have on the iPhone!  Well, I am off to get the house clean!  Company is on the way!  Have a great weekend!  

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  1. Laurie - great idea to put sketches on your iphone! I take screen shots with mine but never thought about accessing my Google reader through my iphone. Is there an app for the Google reader for the phone? All that I can think of is typing in the Google reader address & signing in each time, which seems kind of long. Is there an easier way (I'm feeling kind of stupid right now!!!)? Thanks for the mini tutorial!
    Love your card - especially the cheery colors!

  2. What a fun card. It's nice to see so much of you today. I love that patterned paper--so fun.

  3. great take on the sketch...I love that umbrella paper...

  4. Great take on the mojo sketch. Love the bow in place of the other circle. Great info on the phone pic - one day when I get into the 21st century I'll have to remember that LOL! Enjoy your company :)

  5. Cheers for that little tutorial!! Love the card!

  6. Love that cutie paper Laurie! Yeah, hopefully this year I will be able to upgrade my iphone to this one and do cool stuff like this!!

  7. Love that paper!!
    So perfect for that sentiment...
    and the card is gorgeous...
    as always! :)

  8. Laurie, I love the colors you chose! And that umbrella paper is adorable :) I do the same thing with my phone, except I take a picture of my computer screen and bring it to my desk lol.

  9. This card is soooo sweet Laurie! And I love that cute umbrella patterned paper :)

  10. Beautiful card!

    Great idea using the iPhone! I always have mine with me too so this would be perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Beautiful! I love the papers you used and the color scheme too! It is really pretty!

  12. Adorable card! The umbrella paper is awesome and that polka dot paper is just the right touch. I would love to know what die you used behind the sentiment.

  13. Super cute card! I love the two rounded corners...I always forget to do that.

    Thnx for the info on the screen shot! I always tap on the picture and it opens in another page. Then I just hold my finger down on the pic for a sec and it allows me to save the image. Either way is pretty easy, but I didn't know you could do a screenshot!

  14. Lovely card! The colors look awesome together!
    If only I had an iphone / smartphone ... sigh ... not in the cards for me! Thanks for the tutorial though! ;o)

  15. First, the card is just perfection. I love how you can mix patterned papers one minute and go full CAS the next--you go! Second, thanks for the screen shot tip. I have a Droid, so I'll have to figure out if I can do the same. It would be very handy!

  16. Love this card Laurie! Those papers were some of my favs!

    I so wish I had a smart phone, so so cool!

  17. Thank you so much for showing how to take a screen shot - I tried it, and it worked great!! What a great card, and the sentiment is spectacular.

  18. Thank for this little tutorial. It will save all my mad scribbling!
    Lorry :o) xx
    PS Fab Card. xx


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