Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Clear and Simple Critters Collection Release

I can't lie. I have been pretty excited for today to get here! This release for Clear and Simple has to be my favorite so far! And? It's a huge release. There is so much to see that you must check out every DT blog plus the CSS blog to see it all!  I will have a list of links for you at the bottom of this post!

I have one particular item to share with you and then I will give you some more info on the rest of the release. Ok so here it is! CSS has available today, the cutest most fun dies ever! They are called "Build-A-Critter" dies! Each set includes 2 animals you can "build".   They are dies to make each Critter the the size of an A2 card.  So they are big dies and super fun!!  Today I used the Owl/Kitty die set.  This set includes the base owl body die that you need for all the Build-A-Critter sets.  It also includes all the dies needed to build the owl, the kitty and a branch and leaf!  SO cute!  And clear as mud right?  hehe!  I have pictures to share so you can see all the details!

First off, here are the Owl/Kitty Build-A-Critter dies available today at CSS...

There is the main owl body that is the base for all the Build-A-Critters.  Then you have eyes, nose and feet for the owl, a tail to add on for the kitty, and a branch and leaf!

Here is my little creation...


It's a felt owl!!  I am just really excited about this little guy!  And so are my kids! They are fighting over him! my 7 year old says he looks like an Angry bird!  I am pretty sure he is going to disappear from my craft room when I am not looking!  So here are some pics on how I made him! 

This just shows the dies and how I cut out the felt for each piece.  The dies include 2 eyes and 2 feet...this makes the cutting process so much easier!  


I just laid all the pieces out so I could see how I would assemble him.  Super easy!  You can also get an idea of the size by the marks on the scor-pal!


I hand stitched him together, adding batting to his tummy, eyes and then inside his whole body!  


Here you can see how puffy he is!  Isn't he so fun?!


I am thinking the possibilities are endless for these dies!  Cards, party favors, plush toys, ornaments for the tree and my daughter has already asked to make her own set of paper dolls....aka Paper Critters!

Here are the other sets that being released today too!

This first one includes all the dies to add to the base die to make a bat and a bee!  How stinkin' cute are these?
And this one is the Fox/Raccoon set!  I can't wait to make one of each of these Critters out of felt! When I do, I will definitely come back and share!
 Now you must stop over to the Clear and Simple blog to see the WHOLE release!  This is just the start! There are Little Critter stamps in 2 sizes, plus another set of dies!  There are AMAZING heart dies with outline stamps!  Some Valentines stamps, St Patty's day stamps.  There are party favor box dies, backgrounds, Alphabet stamps.....see?  LOTS!  Go check it out HERE!!

Here are the links to the design team...

I can't wait to hear what you think!  I am so glad you could come by today! Stay tuned because I have been pretty busy with this release and I have lots more samples to share this month!  :)  Hope you have a great day!


  1. That owl is just so cute. I'm sure he will be gone by morning.

  2. So much fun, Laurie, love the tutorial, too!!

  3. Oh my goodness...I love that owl! Must have that set of dies for sure. Cuteness, Laurie!!

  4. Eek! He's so cute! I just checked out the full release over at CSS and was blown away. Thanks for drawing my attention to all of the great sets being released!

  5. Laurie, the cutest owl! I love how you created a puffy owl from felt. I can't wait to see the paper dolls you create for your daughter.

  6. paper dolls aka paper critters... love that! I am completely smitten over this little plush owl! Love the side shot and the supply pic. I hope you make them all so I can see them and love them from afar. lol :)

  7. aww this is so darn cute...I love it..

  8. I just can't get enough of this little guy made out of felt!! We definitely need to get some CSS felt. LOL

  9. How awesome is this release?? Such an adorable owl done in felt! This might be projects to use all that felt I've been buying!! LOL

    Do you think I can sell that many handmade cards to pay for this release? Or better yet, just move here so I can use yours and we could stamp all the time together!!

  10. Oh he turned out soooo cute!! I love him lots!! Adorable!

  11. Awesome and so so cute! I just made a larger version of owl myself - my son LOVES it. Must take a pic and post on blog.

  12. Tee hee, Laurie this is just adorable! Love it to pieces!

  13. Ack! So. Darn. Ca-ute!!!!

  14. Laurie! You know I love this little guy! You did a great job and I love the photo of all the die cut pieces of felt! Well done, girly!

  15. So amazingly cute, Laurie! I love it!

  16. Super CUTE owl! I'm sure someone will help this cutie fly away! ;o)

  17. OH MY WORD!!! Your puffy felty owl is THE CUTEST!!!! LOVE HIM!!!! All of these dies look dangerously ADORABLE!!!! Going to have to check out the CSS site ASAP!!!

  18. You are such an enabler! I NEED to get some felt now. I just know my little girl would be all over making owls, and bats, and kitties with these.


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