Forever Friends

I just got some new stamps so I broke them out and had to play. As you can tell from my previous post I already have TAC's April Promotion, Forever Friends out and going! I love those senitments like crazy! They are wonderful! I wish I wish I had a whole set in that font!!

Today I had to pull out Flower Labels! This is a Level B set. If you host a party and have $250 in sales, you get this set free! It is so super cute!

So, I am making my card, playing with all my new stuff and I make this card! (I also learned a new bow technique which I will tell you about in a little while!) So.......the card is supposed to sit vertical. I am loving it, love the colors, love the stamp set, then........

Rylee comes along and knocks if off the stand and it lands like this! Wow! Didn't even plan it that way! How cute my card can sit either way! I kinda like it! LOL! And I just had to share it with you!!

So back to the bow technique.....you can go and see the instructions here! Basically you take the ribbon, lay the ends across each other making a loop, (kinda like the Awareness Ribbons!) then take the top of the loop and bring it down to where the ends cross, tie some scrappers floss around the middle and up through a button and there you have it! So easy and fun! And it saves alot of ribbon I think! For this card I acutally stacked 2 buttons on top of each other!

Well, I hope you like my versatile card! :) Thanks for stopping by!!

Oh and THANK YOU to those of you who hung out at my blog for an hour!! :) You are toooo sweet!


Stamps: TAC's Flower Labels, Forever Friends
Paper: Reece Paperpack, Black Bazzill, White TAC Ultrasmooth CS
Ink: Noir Palette
Ribbon: TAC's Amelia Ribbon
Misc: Buttons-Sophia Buttons and Blossoms, Black Scrappers Floss


  1. Very pretty card. Cool that you can put it either way, and it looks wonderful both ways!


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