For the Boys!

I have been scrapbooking in pink now for about 5 years! So, when Brody came along I was kinda exctied to change it up a little bit! The first stamp set I bought anticpating the future was TAC's All Season Athlete! I love this set because it is kinda vintage. It is not like your plain old Hobby Lobby sports sticker look! It is really cute!

So I figured I better pull it out and make something. Here are 3 birthday cards for boys! Something I haven't ever done before so I had to start somewhere right?

Having said all of that, the first one I made with Rylee in mind! She is playing soccer right now but this card still is kinda for the boys.....although when she sees it, she will want it! :)

My cuttlebug folder was in the drawer yelling at me when I made this card! I think the bubbles made the brown cs look like a football. Kinda? What do you think? I had fun making this card! I also used the White Souffle pen on the football for the laces!

And last, this card is more of a small tagish kinda card. Pretty plain but cute! Super easy! I just cut the circle card out with my Coluzze!

So that it is for the boy cards! My challenge is for you to get this set out and make some of your own! Have a great day!


  1. I like these! The CB does make it seem like a football, and I like how you put the football in the grass!


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