Pumpkin Fever!

I am sure somewhere on my blog I have posted before using this pumpkin! Well, here she is again! I love her. she is the cutest pumpkin ever. And she just loves to be colored, I am sure of it!

I had my first coloring class the other night and I had so much fun discovering mineral oil as a blending tool! I have heard people talk about it and have known that it was out there but loved OMS so much I thought there was no reason to try it. I told the girls at the coloring class that I didn't have a favorite medium. Well, I changed my mind. I do love colored pencils and mineral oil!!

The pumpkin is so bright and I just love how it turned out! I used Yellow Ochre as a base and then several other colors on top to blend. Yes, I have to admit, now I want to color everything this way.

This next card uses OMS and colored pencils. It has a totally different look and I still love it but my OMS might be lonely on the shelf for awhile.

So anyway, just had to share that with you today! I hope you love my pumpkin as much as I do!

I have a big project that I am working on for church, so as soon as that is over I will be back with blog candy this week, I promise! I will also post pics of my big project too!

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Fabulous coloring on both! I really like the first one so much, but the are both great

  2. Thanks for teaching me something about coloring! I was an OMS only gal too...now I have to rethink it! Lovely cards though, both are great.

  3. Okay i used mineral spirits, so what is OMS? I hear baby oil works good too! I am loving the pumpkins thou, very classy!!

  4. Both cards are fabulous!! How fun to take a coloring class!

  5. Beautiful cards, Laurie!! I soooooo love mineral oil with pencil... and you've colored those pumpkins wonderfully :)

  6. I love both cards, and the one with the the Scor Bug detailing really caught my eye. It's very simple, but adds so much. Gorgeous!

  7. Okay after reading what you used I added Mineral Oil to my shopping list tomorrow. I too have always LOVED OMS but am anxious to give mineral oil a try. Great coloring and shading.


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