For Baby!

Finally you say? For sure! I have been so busy that I have missed blogging for a week or so! Did you like how I sneaked in here with the TAC contest? That was so you would know that I was not gone forever! LOL! If you missed it, go back to my last post and enter to win some great stamp sets and paper!

OK, so....I just had to make a baby card! I really don't have anyone to give it to at the moment but you know we always need cards on hand right?

This was a fun one because I got to use my buttons. You know I love buttons! OH and my new favorite thing....silver pearls! They are a must have for sure! My WOSFF Barb was so kind enough to send me some recently from Archivers! Then I found out that my HL has them right here in town! How lucky am I?

Of course in real life the buttons match the paper perfectly! I couldn't get the picture to show how perfect but you can picture it right? :)

Thanks for stopping by today! I am going to try to post more often I promise! Our state fair is going on right now so you never know....I will probably be there eating fried snickers! (Maybe I will have to post about fried snickers soon! They are FANTASTIC!!)

See you soon!


  1. I ab-so-lutely LOVE this card. The buttons really draw the eye to it!!
    I posted a halloweeny thingy that I want all to see! I check your blog everyday and even thou I am an Angel also, I entered the TAC giveaway you talked about yesterday!

  2. Very cute card! I love the buttons for wheels...so PTIish!! :)

  3. I love that little curve on the top corner - how cute...the whole card is super cute! Definately worth the wait! tee hee...

  4. This is absolutely precious! Luvin' the buttons :)


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