Flip Flop Album

The Angel Company had a contest in July and the category was "Sweet Summer". Anymore when I think of summer, I think of my 5 year old and her flip flops. (OK, well, I have the flip flop addiction and so I had to pass it on to her too!)

So, for this contest I had to take her flip flop and turn it into a little "Sweet Summer" memory!

I took her little Old Navy flip flop, traced it onto a piece of chipboard for the front and back covers. Then I folded up white cardstock, attached them together with adhesive and then traced again, so the paper would fit just inside the chipboard covers.

Adding decorations was the easy part, once the album was put together! I had alot of fun with all the little details!

Here on the last page, I used TAC's date disks to mark the month and year! I also added the contest name in the blank!

The last page is my favorite! I just took Violete Palette ink and a sponge, and mark little footprints on the bottom! This is such a special project to me! She will never be this little again! The best part is I won the contest for July! Thanks TAC!

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope your summer was as "sweet" as mine!


  1. Such a cute project. You did a great job on it!

  2. OMG Girlfirend, this is AWESOME! I'll bet your little one loved it too! It is just 2 cute!!

  3. FABulous project and congratulations!!!

  4. This is just adorable, Laurie!! My favorite part is that you made the bottom look worn... such a cute detail :)

  5. Congrats! This is sooo cute... I'm sure your daughter will treasure it!


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