Check out today's AMAZING deal! Don't miss it!

You guys I have an awesome deal to share!  Marker Universe​ has an amazing discount code right now!  It ends on 3/31 so now is the time to grab up this amazing discount.  First off, FREE shipping on order $49.99 or more AND 25% off your order using the code MARCH 25.  

I finally pulled out my set of Karin markers and even though I have no idea what I am doing, I can tell you these markers blend amazing and the colors are FANTASTIC!!  

There are so many people to follow on IG and video's on YouTube to teach use how to use them....and what a better time than now!  While we are all stuck at home!  

OH and while you are there! Check out their paper too!  They carry Xpress It Blending paper  and we all know how amazing that stuff is!  And even better with a 25% discount!

Click HERE to shop!  Don't forget to use MARCH25 when you check out!  :)



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