Moments Inked: Meal Planner Review...

Have you seen the latest in the Moments Inked Planning System over at Papertrey Ink?  Its a meal planner!  And I love it!  It looks and feels just like the Moments Inked Planner, which is available now in the Papertrey Ink store.  


Today I am showing you the meal planner that comes spiral bound.  It also comes in the Binder Addition, for those of you who have the gorgeous Moments Inked Binders.  I decided to grab a planner cover and use the spiral because I do love the notebook feel.  

Moments inked Meal Planner

The spiral bound planner and meal planner work great together, allowing for those adorable interchangeable covers to be used on either book.  The are exactly the same size so all those Moments Inked dies and stamps will work perfectly in the Meal Planner.

Moments Inked Meal Planner

For me this planner is just as simple as it looks.  I grabbed my pencil and an eraser and simply wrote out the meals for the week.  I love that it has "recipe location".  This has always been one source of irritation in the past.  I find a recipe, buy the ingredients and then can't remember where the recipe was or even what the ingredients were for.  This lets you keep all of those details in one place and this makes this column one of my favorite parts of this planner.  One quick look and you can see where you have the recipe stored, plus the defrost, advanced prep and slow cooker, help to make that mental note of whats coming up.

Moments inked Meal Planner

Each page has an attached, perforated, fold out list on the side of the menu.  It easily rips out so you can take it to the grocery store.  This is a genius addition to this meal planning system.  It stays in your planner until its time to get to the store.  

I love that everything is sectioned out for you.  The lists I make look just like this, as far as organizing it out by department, so this takes the work out of that.

Moments inked Meal Planner

The back is your shopping list and another to do list spot....love that!  And then the back of the menu has a place for notes.  This is a list makers dream!  I love that it can be so simple and yet help me stay so organized.  

Moments inked Meal Planner

I used the Moments Inked Planner Pocket Die to create a super easy insert to hold coupons.  This is a simple addition for your meal planner that can be moved from week to week.

Moments inked Meal Planner

I have heard from many people over the years that planning takes so much work.  I hope I have showed you today that it really is an easy task to make your meal planning more easy.  

You can see all the Moments Inked supplies by clicking HERE. There are also several other reviews on Nichole's blog that you can check out for more ideas.  

So glad you stopped in today! Thanks for coming by!



  1. I love how you've organized everything, Laurie! I'm a big fan of spiral notebooks too, and yours are so pretty! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us :)

  2. Love that you made a coupon folder! I haven't ordered mine yet (it is going to be a Christmas gift to me from my MIL) but have decided to go with the spiral-bound so I can keep using all those dies I bought for the original MI planner. :) And - woot-woot for the Kroger family of stores and their fantastic coupons! :)


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