Introducing Stitched Trays & More...

It's our last day of group posts for the Papertrey Ink March Release.  Today we are sharing new stitching dies.  The dies cut felt and have all the stitching holes ready for you to sew together your own tray.  There are also several sets of dies to add to your tray to create a decorative look.

Today, I am sharing the square tray and am using some egg dies that were previously released.  For today's project, I created my own little Easter candy holder.


Papertrey has lots of amazing felt that coordinates with their inks and card stock.  I used there colors for this project...

Simply Chartreuse
Spring Moss....for the tray

Berry Sorbet
Lemon Tart
Aqua Mist
Plum Pudding....for the Easter Eggs

Click HERE to see all the Papertrey Ink Felt Colors.


I added some M&Ms to the tray and then topped it off with the eggs for decoration.


The tray is easy to assemble.  The tray has button holes where you can close the tray with buttons but I decided to add in some ribbons to close off the corners.  


I love this stitched look with the white floss.  Here is a close up of the Berry Sorbet bow....


And one more shot of a candy thief as I was taking photos.....Brody loves M&Ms.  He was sure the Easter colored M&Ms tasted different than normal ones and he was pretty sure a taste test was required.  :)


There are other tray shapes and lots of extra dies that will be available this month so head on over to Nichole's blog to see whats new!  Thanks so much for stopping in today!


  1. So cute...I'd be stealing those M&Ms too. Brody is a smart little man!

  2. I love the ribbon closures. So sweet!

  3. So cute, Laurie! Love your ribbon closures.

  4. Love the pretty little eggs you added!

    Crafty Journal

  5. So cute Laurie, please tell Brody that I am sure of that too. The green ones taste way better than all of the others! 😊

  6. Darling, in every single detail ... even that little M&M bandit!

  7. Cute idea with the ribbons on the corner. Wouldn't have thought of that. I love your basket.

  8. Love your Berry Sorbet ribbon closures and cute little felt eggs. Who doesn't love and "sneak" M&Ms? All that stitching to create that basket though, I'd have to line it first to keep it clean...no chocolate stains. :)

  9. Tell your son he is right I definitely thought the valentine m&m's tasted different than the Christmas ones and I will have to give the easter ones the taste test too.! lol

  10. Laurie can you tell me the brand of lightbox you are using to take these photos. Thanks! shemainesmith22@gmail.com


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