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Hi there!  So glad you stopped in today.  I have a quick and simple way to create your own crafty notebook.  Or a place to keep notes or a journal or even a fun way to keep your Daily Pages.  So many options!

My favorite of the Moments Inked Planner System is the spiral bound planner.  I have had so much fun staying organizing with this perfectly sized planner.  When the binder system was first announced, I was torn.  That binder is really pretty and there are lots of benefits to this style of planner.  I hated to have it sit there and so I decided to put it to work.

In the past, with other planner systems, I have always loved having a coordinating notebook to go along with my planner.  I kept staring at that binder and then decided to make my own coordinating notebook!

These inserts, shown below, are available over at Papertrey Ink.  On the back of each of these is a perfectly sized and hole punched piece of very thick card board.  Perfect for a divider!

PTI Refill Binder Pages

I decided to use the graph paper for sketches and drawings specifically for card layouts or ideas that pop up in my head.  The lined paper is perfect for notes and color combos or any craft list I need to keep.


I used the Headline Alphabet to give my dividers a title.  The colors I used for each letter are the colors in the planner.  If you don't want the kraft cardboard color in your planner, it would be super easy to take the large Binder Page Die to cover each divider in card stock.


I used Monthly Moments: Tabbed Set and dies to create the coloring divider tabs.


Each paper section has its own divider...


And even one for the Daily Pages....


I took out a chunk of the daily pages and added in to the back of the notebook.


To keep everything clean, I always have a pencil and an eraser tucked inside!


I hope you have enjoyed my new notebook.  To see the whole line of Moments Inked Planner supplies, click HERE.

Hope you have a great day!


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  1. It's been years since I've used a daily planner. Now that I'm retired, I'm just as busy - more it seems. Thank you for showing us what works for you. Very nice post. I especially like the pages that allow for nutrition, exercise, etc...

  2. This was my exact dilemma this year - loving the spiral bound planner but also wanting to use the daily pages a few at a time in a separate binder. Love your ideas!

  3. The divider pages you created are beautiful! Love Love Love

  4. Wondered how this binder system compares to A5 or personal sized Filofax. Would be nice to be able to interchange supplies. Love the idea of dies but don't want to invest until I know I can use it with the other planners I already have. Thoughts?

    1. I have never had a Filofax, so I don't know if they interchange. I am sorry! If I can find out any info, I will definitely let you know! :)


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