A treat...

So I attempted my first periscope yesterday.  Ummm....I was shaking.  That is a nerve wracking thing to do when you are talking to air and can't edit it out.  I also had settings wrong so people who aren't following me couldn't comment.  Thankful for the many messages following telling me they enjoyed my little scope and how to change my settings for next time.  Next time?  We will see!  hehe!

So during that scope, I made this card...


This new set from MFT is called Top Dog.  I don't usually color....I'm sure you know that by now, but I figured a could blend a couple browns together for this special occasion.  You see, this card is for my friend Chari.  And did I think Chari would pop in on the Scope?  Nope didn't think of it.  So I spoiled the surprise right there on Periscope.

I took the Chunky Chevron Cover up for the background and used the little negative from the Horizontal Companion Cover Up for the sentiment.  I added in a heart die colored with the same Copic as the little bow.  The heart is from the Top Dog dies.


So that is it for this Monday morning.  I am off to the gym.  And then home to do some cleaning.  Doesn't sound super fun does it?  :)

Hope you have a fantastic Monday!  Thanks for stopping in!


  1. Know what? I bet Chari enjoyed watching how you made her card! Many times that's a plus...and this cutie is awesome, Laurie! What fun!

  2. The card is just awesome. I can't imagine doing a periscope! You are very brave. Thanks for sharing your art.

  3. Super cute card, Laurie!!
    I don't do the whole periscope thing (let alone any videos), though no editing?!!...I can't even imagine! lol However, I'm sure you did good! ;)

  4. I love these dogs and love that you kept the cover up nice and simple, so sweet.


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