SAF 2015: Make it Work


We've made it to our last Stamp-a-faire project of the day. This one is a good one!  I have a project that I started for the August release and then didn't love where it was going.....


So for this challenge it was to make it work.  I continued to work on it and changed it up a bit to this....


That big piece of Smokey Shadow bothered me so I changed it up one more time and got this....


The leaves are stamped in Spring Moss to match the card base.  I used Scribbled Sentiments on the first try so for this card, I fussy cut out each letter.  I added in some scored smokey shadow on try 2.0, so on this one I cut that down into a smaller strip.  I think I like version 3.0 better!


Now I am tempted to go back and get that Unconventional Materials challenge card and make it work.  I don't love that one so I am going to have to go in there and do some work!  lol

I hope that you have had a fun day and I am so glad you could hang out with all of us.  Stop over to Nichole's blog to see the wrap up for the day.  There is still more time to play along so pick a challenge and jump in, if you haven't started yet.

Have a great rest of your day! 


  1. Really like the final result - this is an awesome challenge. Your card is begging for several more similar to make a set! Seems so clean and simple but all the trial and error sure paid off!

  2. Card 3.0 is very graphic and love the lime and smoky shadow together. Hope you like it... It Works!!!

  3. I have to say, I love your 3.0 card! This is something I have done myself with cards...so you my friend, are not alone! lol ;)


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