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Did you grab a new Papertrey Ink Planner?  I can't wait to hear what you think if you were able to get one.  They are amazing with so many options and details to add in. You can see the whole new release, available now, by clicking HERE.  I had many questions, after THIS post the other day so I thought I would stop in with a video.  This video packs in lots of details so I hope its not overwhelming.  

I talk about all of this in the video but wanted to link everything here.  I hope you find this information helpful!  :)

Here is a list of the stamps I talked about in the video....

Simply Framed
Monthly Moments: Travel Plans
Journal Accessories
Monthly Moments: Tabbed
A Few Pointers
Clip Tips

And the Cover Plates to make your own stickers...

Cover Plate: Heart
Cover Plate Circles
Cover Plate: Hexagons
Cover Plate: Stars
Cover Plate: Triangles

Here is the link for the Adhesive sheets to use for stickers...

Adhesive Sheets

This paper is SO adorable for Dashboards inside  your planner.  It has that "office supply" look and of course coordinating colors....

Bitty Boxes

The pocket die is really fun to add to a page.....

Monthly Moments: Journal Pocket 2 Die


This picture are terrible but here are the shots of all of the fun stamps from the Monthly Moments January-December sets but you can click on it and zoom in and around on Flickr to see more details.


Here are the links to the laminator I use and one that is a little cheaper.  I use the Scorch and it comes with 20 pockets to use.  Also I linked some of the pens I use, as well.  



I hope you find all this helpful.  Please keep sending me your questions!  Thanks for coming by today!



  1. Very helpful tips. Thanks, Laurie.

  2. Thanks Laurie! A great informative video and for the links. I was wondering about laminating machines so I'm glad you added a link. Now I have more to add to my both my PTI and Amazon wishlists ;)

  3. Your videos are so helpful and I really appreciate the heads up about other PTI sets that will integrate nicely with the planner. Mine is on order and I'm really looking forward to getting it. I'm hoping that this truly can become both a planner and memory keeper for me since I never seem to get around to scrapbooking.

  4. Way to go, Laurie!!! Love all of your ideas!!! The new PTI planner and accessories look awesome! And thanks for sharing the names and links to so many other products that would work wonderfully for planner purposes as well :)

  5. Thanks Laurie, lots of great tips! I love that hydrate circle on the daily pages. Just wish it came in that stamp set that has other things from the daily pages.

  6. Love all the ideas, Laurie! Fantastic video!

  7. Great ideas, I actually came across another stamp set that would work perfectly with the planners-- Mini Scrapbook Series: Tabs Stamp Set. Hope this helps and thanks for all the tips!

  8. Hi Laurie! Thanks for the awesome video and especially the links to the laminator you used.

    If it's not too much effort, would you be able to show what you used/ how you made the tall and skinny bookmark insert? Just having a hard time wrapping my mind on how you made that one.


  9. Hi Laurie. Thank you for the videos and the great ideas. I can't wait to get my planner and start playing! Please tell me what you use to store you stamp sets - I am looking for a new solution and those sleeves look perfect!

  10. Wonderful information! Great stickers! I am excited to get my planner!


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