Spring wishes...

Since we are closed to snowed in....not really but it feels like it.  This was my deck the other day....

I have had some extra crafty time and got to make this....


This flower is from the SSS January Kit set, Like your Style.  I heat embossed and then distress ink'd them all up.  I layered them with some green leaves.  I was going for bright springy colors, because lets face it....I want spring.  Like yesterday.

We have had some serious snow fun though!  Lots of snow ice cream....

ETA: Yep!  Snow Ice cream!  2 cups milk, 3/4 cup of sugar, 1 tbsp Vanilla all mixed in a big bowl and then add snow until you get the right consistency!  Yummy!!  (You can also use Condensed milk) :)


Lots of red faces and red noses...

The kids already had Thursday and Friday off, but the rest of the state had snow days!  The forecast is saying we are in for a bunch more, so we have the fire place going and we are ready for the possibility of yet another snow day.  I am kinda hoping they are wrong...which happens a lot! :)  

I hope you have a fantastic week!  Stay warm, or cool wherever you are! 


  1. Love this card and that sentiment!!

  2. Your card is so beautiful Laurie and I am so totally pinning it too. Please excuse my ignorance but what is 'snow ice cream'... is it made with snow and do you really eat it, because I'm a gelati fan myself lol.

  3. No wonder you were wishing for Spring with that outside your door! We had a tiny tiny bit of snow here yesterday but it was pathetic really!

    Love this card, especially the graduated colour of the blooms. Definitely makes me think of Spring!

  4. Gorgeous!!
    Love the fresh colors...
    and I'm SO with you on the spring!! :)
    I LOVE snow cream...
    haven't had it in a while...
    and my mom added chocolate to hers...
    but there's one good thing about snow! :)

  5. I can definitely see why you went for a bright, springy card! Wow that's a lot of snow.

  6. Brrrrr!!! Stay warm Laurie ­čśäbeautiful card!

  7. Your card is just gorgeous. And, that snow looks so fun. My daughters long for snow so badly--they have no idea...

  8. Just saw that you have more snow headed your way--stay safe and warm! It's ruined our plans for today, too. :(
    Loving the spring vibe of your card and those funky flowers! Gorgeous inking!

  9. I heard from my KC director earlier today about 8 to 12 inches of more snow tomorrow night! Yikes!!! Love your springy card...you need spring fast!

  10. Such fun flowers! Love the card. Quite the snowfall too - mind you kids and snow is a great combo - wears them out buy good LOL!

  11. Awesome pictures! We were supposed to get a ton of snow this weekend, but it went out to sea, yay us!

    This card is just gorgeous. I LOVE the flowers!! Great job.


  12. Adorable card, Laurie! Great photos, too. Ours is finally melting off, and we are to get more on Tuesday. Darn, hate it when I'm snowed in and get to create all day! Hugs..

  13. Fun Spring card -- and , I have to ask, what is snow ice cream?

  14. The coloring on the flowers is fantastic, and I love all the layering/ dimension! I wish you would send some of your snow our way! Girls want to go sledding!

  15. What a gorgeous card, Miss Lady.....I am soooooo ready for Vernal Equinox, too!!

  16. That's beautiful Laurie! Love the colors against the Kraft!

  17. Love the fresh, springy colors against the kraft background! Great layout really puts the focus on those pretty flowers.

    My kids had Thursday and Friday off too (for parent/teacher conferences) and then we got plenty of snow too so all the other districts in our city had a snow day.


  18. Darling card! I'm a bit envious of your snow. We have had barely any snow this year :(

  19. A perfect sweet spring card, Laurie! And thank you for the memory of that unique taste of snow ice cream. (I grew up next door in Iowa.) Oh, my goodness, it's decades since I had it, but I can "taste" it right now!!

  20. So pretty, Laurie! Love the colors against kraft. And that's the most original ice cream I've ever seen! Yum!

  21. This may be a stupid question but what's "snow ice cream"?
    Love the ink job on those flowers, Laurie!


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