Something kinda fun...

So I think this is kinda fun!  Now I know that this has been done with Cuttlebug and Quikutz folders so I had to try this with Impression plates!  (I am sure someone has done this with the IP's and I have just had my head under a rock! hehe!) 

EDIT: I just got a message from my friend....check THIS out! Pine did some amazing things with this technique! We were thinking along the same lines!

What I did was take the impression plates, rub ink all over them, center the card stock and then ran them through my Big Shot!  Here are 2 cards I made using this technique and at the end I have some pics of how I did it! 

I think it looks AMAZING with the wood grain plate!  So much texture already but the ink just adds more!


Then I made a more "girly" card to go with the first card!  I tried to use some bright colors I might not usually use!  :)  On this impression plate, I used Raspberry Fizz!  I have to say looking back I wished I would have re-inked my RF pad but it came out ok, but just with a lighter, softer look!  I can imagine what it would have looked like with a nice dark impression!


I tried to keep each card very simple to highlight the impression!

So here is what I did! 

Here I took the impression plate and RF and lightly coated the top of the plate!  If you press to hard you get it everywhere...which might look cool too, but just to get the impression part, use a light touch!  (And you get a pink thumb in the process....)


After the whole plate is covered, center your card stock on top!


Run it through your embossing machine and here is what you get....


Next I tried it with the wood grain and Burnt Umber Palette!


Here is the Kraft card stock after running it through the machine...


Such a fun way to make that impression really pop! 


I hope you enjoy my cards!  I really like the outcome using the Impression plates so if you have a link to a project where you have used it, link it in a comment!  I would love to see it!

 Hope you have a great day!


  1. These are so pretty! I love them both but especially love the RF one!! Very, very pretty! These are some of those cards that you just can't help but touch and feel! :)

  2. I've seen this technique but I've never tried it. Your cards are really beautiful Laurie, and you've inspired me to give it a try!

  3. Wow Laurie...I love these! That woodgrain just pops...so glad I added it to my last order!

  4. very cool! Thanks for the step by step - will have to try this :)

  5. Beautiful cards, Laurie! Great minds think alike- you and Heather! lol! Love this technique. Got to try now.

  6. Isn't that fun? I did this as well but never thought to do a tutorial. Thanks for sharing. I also used the vintage tea dye ink for a soft fading look - way cool!

  7. Love your result!!! The woodgrain looks sooo real! And the finished cards are fabby! I wonder if you get different results depending on the ink you use (pigment, dye, chalk...). What about Versamark? I guess that may give a cool subtle impression... May have to try it ;)

  8. Oh so smart young lady. I bet that would be nice with the canvas plate and one of the tea dyes ...... always such a challenge to see that IP :) Thanks for sharing your brain with us today ........ I have lost mine!!!

  9. Just think, you are on a telepathic plane with Pine! lol, lol, lol...great minds and all of that! I love the woodgrain, and will def try that! Babies- Beth

  10. Laurie - wow these are stunning! I think I need that wood grain IP now! Thanks for the enabling!

  11. Just one more reason I **need** these impression plates! Great cards!!

  12. Laurie....these are beautiful! My favorite is the wood impression.....it is so vivid! Thanks for the step by step instructions using just the ink pads vs. the brayer. I'm going to give it a try!

  13. Oh man!! Those are SO cool. I especially love the woodgrain card..very neat..and that denim is way cool!

  14. These are so beautiful, Laurie!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  15. It's kismet, you & Heather having the same idea! I love this technique and sadly, have only used it a few times. I'm inspired to give it another go!

  16. I love how they turned out. I know Betsy Veldman has done this many times as well. I need impression plates from PTI. She has done it with ones from Cuttlebug too. But I think she used a brayer. :)

  17. Love both of the card, both turned out really beautiful!

  18. I'm diggin this technique as well. I'm only concerned about cleaning the plates afterwards. But I love the look and so I'll take the cleaning part too. ;-)

  19. I think I have had MY head under a rock, because I didn't see this before! So so fun! I love the cards you made with this technique. So cool.

  20. Thanks so much for the inspiration! I linked you up today for my PTI blog hop card! This one is terrific and that denim is just a super tool for my arsenal!

  21. What a great idea-thanks for sharing :) I have a woodgrain embossing folder - can't wait to try that technique!


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