Me techniquey? No not me!

If you follow my blog, you know I am not really into all the different techniques of stamping! Don't get me wrong....there are so many amazing ones! I just think that I am not good at them! I do not distress. I don't rip. I don't sand or edge distress. (OK on a few occasions I do.) My cards are simple and clean, and it is hard for me to go outside the lines sometimes! I do want you to know that I do try to get outside the lines!

One thing about me that some have found shocking, is that I do not own a brayer. Well...until a couple weeks ago. I went to a FAB meeting with some FAB girls and they taught me that I needed a brayer. We made a card very similar to this one, so this idea of the leaves is not my own but the card I threw together with Heather's inspiration! Thanks Heather!!!

How easy is this? It took no time at all and the brayer just gave that paper such a great look!
Now all I need to do is learn some more ways to use it! Wait...would I be techniquey if I did that?

OK so that's it for today! Have a good one!
(Oh a little shout out to my BFF Jen! Happy Birthday chick! Hope it's a good one!!)


  1. What a perfect and pretty fall card!
    I used to do all kinds of techs, but seldom liked the way my card turned out, so I quit...but, because of that, I have owned a brayer for a long time

  2. I love this card. Hmmm...techniquey?! I say try something - if you like it keep doing if not - don't. I've tried lots of things - I always go back to clean and simple.

  3. I am totally surprised to know all that about you. I started out like that over 12 years ago and now every technique I see I already know how to do. Still seeking new things, but girl that card is absolutely beautiful. Stay the way you are clean and simple cause you do it really WELL!!!

  4. Gorgeous! I need to get a new brayer. I don't do techniques too often either. I love that you tried something different. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Beautiful fall card! Love the scor-bugged accents, and the brayered panel is just lovely!

  6. glad you are brayering now! it's so super fun!

  7. Laurie - this turned out fabulous! Keep experiementing with stuff - I bet your awseome at anything you set your mind to!


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