A little Halloween...

So maybe you know I am not the biggest fan of Halloween. I dress up my kids and we go Trick-or-Treating but that is the extent of it. And I really don't make Halloween cards. Actually my first ever Halloween card is published in The Angel Company base catalog. I thought that was pretty cool. It is the one with the hedgehog ghost. So technically this card today is my 2nd Halloween card ever. And it is in honor of my good friend Barb. Love you man! ;)

I really tried to go spooky with it. I did. I used the new download paper from TAC. (Yes I did have to use polka dots...I couldn't go too far from normal!) I plugged it in to my Photoshop Elements...turned it orange and just felt inspired, I guess! So I frayed the ribbon and distressed a little (gasp!) and then I went and stuck a cute ghost on there. Sorry Barb. No macabre here. But I tried! :)

Hope you like it!


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