My Scrapbook Space

I was going through old posts the other day and realized that my scrapbook room has changed drastically! Of course those pictures were from a year ago or more! So, I thought I would update them!

I was telling friend the other day..."Do I love to scrabpbook or do I just love to organize?" Well, I can tell you for sure I love both! Everything has a home and that makes it so much easier for me! For 10 years, I lived out of my Creative Memories Rolling tote, the bag that goes on top and a Rubbermaid tote! I didn't have a place to crop! I hated pulling it all out and then having to pack it up! Or I would set it up at my parents and leave it there for awhile....living 30 minutes away didn't help that!

So, I do love my scrapbook spot now! It is alittle retro! I have some fantastic '70's style mirror tiles on the wall! And the floor is covered with a beautiful peal-and-stick! :( Oh, there is also some orange carpet on the ceiling! I have no idea where that came from! One of these days, I will talk my husband(dh, right Jen?) in to remodeling for me but for now I am just happy to have my own "space"!

I added some text into each picture to tell a little about what I keep and where! Hopefully I have some helpful ideas for your scrapbook room and if you see anything that would help me out....remember I love to organize!!

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love your space!! So organized...I love it!

    Sarah G.

  2. Ditto to Sarah!


  3. Congrats on winning the TAC contest! Love how you have the room done. But I had one question. What do you have the nesting hanging on?

  4. What a great space! I love your heat gun rack :)


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