Answers to Questions about my space!

Thanks for the comments and emails about my "space"!

The question most asked was about my nestie storage. They are actually attached to magnetic business cards! One side is magnetic and the other side is sticky! Since I have those lovely 1970's style mirror tiles, I just peeled the back off of the magnetic business card and stuck it to the mirror! You can see I have 5 sets and they are all within reach! I used to do the same thing but inserted them into CD cases. I would almost forgot about them everytime! This was they are right next to my work space and I use them alot more!

Next question...my inks are stored in an old cassette tape holder. I painted in white and they all fit easily for the most part! I got it off of ebay a couple of years ago!

The kitchen cart was from Walmart, probably, about 10 years ago! It am sure it was cheap! I look for cheap things for easy organization! Just always keep your eye out for fun containers!

Thanks again! Hope that helps!!

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