Monday, October 26, 2009

What a busy fall!!

So here is the reason why I have been MIA lately......

We have been having so much fun this fall and staying busier than ever! This is a rare photo-op with B and I! I am usually the one behind the camera but this time I just handed the camera to my husband and said TAKE IT! :)

We had a hayride and bonfire this weekend with family and it was such a good time! So hopefully now things will slow down! I promise to get back to you very soon with some regularly scheduled programing! Thanks so much for sticking with me! :) See you soon!


  1. Awwwwwwww... you guys are so cute :)

  2. Your hair is straight! Very cute picture.....these kind are very rare (just mom and kiddo) :)

  3. Great pic! I noticed the straight hair right away too! LOL

  4. AHHHHHH! Sweet photo girlie! You gotta just hand DH that camera more often. Nice fall background. The hi here the last 2 days has been hi 80'sand so humid you can wear the air, teehee! Yuck! We had one weekend of cooler weather. When will Fall come to Jacksonville .... soon I hope! Have a great week!


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