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Hey friends!  Hope you are having a great Saturday!  I am dealing with my 2nd round of Vertigo.  Geez.  Who has time for all the dizziness?  Let me know in the comments if you have ever dealt with it and if you have any suggestions.  

On to more fun things!  Yana had a new collection come out over at Spellbinders and it is gorgeous!! Today I am using the new die set Magnolia Blooms, the new foil plates from Geo Foliage and a sentiment from her past collection, Yana's Special Sentiments.


First, off the in background, I actually used Yana's Skinny Stripe Background Hot Foil Plate just for the embossing of those gorgeous stripes.  Love that plate!  Next, I die cut the blooms and the shade all in white cardstock and then added simple color with Copics.  I added that to the front and then tucked in little stems from the Geo Foliage around the sentiment. 


Check out Yana's full collection by clicking HERE.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping in today!



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  1. Go to YouTube and search for Epley Manuever. I was fighting it for almost a week and tried this and it made it better. After doing the manuever for about 3-4 times over a couple of days, the vertigo went away! I had a recurrence months later and did the manuever immediately with successful results. You definitely need to have someone helping you and making sure you don't roll off the bed :) Good Luck!

  2. Beautiful card! Love these pretty blooms!
    Lot of experience with vertigo.... feel free to email me for a few suggestions.

  3. Beautiful card, Laurie! Hope you feel better soon <3


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