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Want a FREE spot at the Card Maker Success Summit?  Click HERE!  This summit is all about Christmas cards.  With quite the list of speakers, you will have some amazing instruction and demonstration to create all of your own cards!  And guess what?  I am a speaker too!  Yes I did a video!  Yay!!

You can learn absolutely everything you’d ever want to know about the summit over here, but as a quick overview: The summit will run from July 15th through July 18th.
Each day will be packed with amazing speakers who are ready to help you create a card making plan that will minimize stress, let you get your cards done early and create beautiful professional hand crafted cards that will WOW your friends and family.
We’ve got a pop-up Facebook group where you’ll find crafting friends, connect with other card makers, ask the speakers questions, and whatever else we come up with!
You can attend the summit absolutely free, but you can choose to grab the VIP All-Access Pass at any time during the summit. The VIP All-Access Pass will give you an all inclusive pass to the summit (meaning you get all the videos for life or at least until my Stamp Me Some Love business is around).
The VIP All-Access Pass is currently being offered at a special price, and it will disappear for good once the summit is over, so start thinking about now! Are you excited?! (I sure am!) Head over to the website to learn more and grab your free ticket. More information will be sent straight to your inbox afterwards. I can't wait to kick this thing off! ​GET YOUR FREE TICKET

Don't forget to grab your VIP ACCESS HERE!  

I will be chatting on Facebook during the day I teach, so stop by and say hi!  Hope to see you all there!



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