Taylored Expressions Masking Stencils...they are back!!

The Masking Stencils from Taylored Expressions  ARE BACK IN STOCK today!!  Click HERE To grab your own before they are gone again.

Here is the back story of the stencils and a little more information about them.  Check out my IG today as Taylor and I did a quick IG Live.  

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One of my favorite techniques is masking around the front of a card and adding in ink blending.  The problem with masking is that sometimes the masking tape decides to hold on to your card stock and rip your creation.  That has happened to me several times.  I knew there had to be something easier so this masking stencil idea just came to me!  I drew it out with a Sharpie and called my friend Jill Hawkins and asked her what she thought.  She told me she needed it yesterday! :)  So I assumed I was on to something.

Next, I called my friend Heather Nichols and she drew it up for me exactly like I pictured.  And then I called Taylor and the masking stencils were born!

Talk about an exciting day when they came in the mail.  I wanted to mask every card I made at that point.  They worked beautifully.  Here is the first blending project I did with the large rectangle masking stencil layered with Taylored Expression's Mosaic Leaves Stencil....

Here are the 4 sets of Masking Stencils that we have created.  There are 4 shapes, 2 of each which are all pictures below.  The stencils are $14 for the set of 2 and $48 for the full set.

The Masking Stencils will have lots of uses for mixing techniques but here are a few benefits....

1. No more masking with washi tape hoping your lines are straight and your paper doesn’t rip when you remove it. Simply use Pixie Spray or purple tape to adhere the stencil to the back of your cardstock panel - no more ripping!

2. There are two lines etched into each stencil for perfect alignment of an A2 card base or the layer just inside an A2 size (4” x 5.25”). Takes the guesswork out of centering the mask!

3. The stencil mask also includes the solid shape that falls out from the middle allowing you to reverse mask or apply two tones of ink to the project. 

Masking Stencils - Circle

Click HERE to check out how to purchase all 4 Masking Stencil sets in ONE BUNDLE.  



For a limited time, if you purchase the Bundle of all 4 shapes, you get a free 1/2" Purple Masking Tape.....

Hope you enjoy!  :)

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  1. These look super handy. I am forever die cutting to create shapes to be able to then stencil with. what a great idea!


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