Card Hanger Dies Back in Stock!

Just a quick repost of my last Card Hanger Die post to let you know....

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This post  below is a repost but will give you more info on the dies if you haven't seen them before.....


Stopping in today with a quick post about my Card Hanger Dies.  If you haven't seen these dies, click HERE for a video and HERE for the original post.  It is been 4 years since their launch and they are still going strong.

The Card Hanger die, is simply a die to create a "hanger" for your handmade cards.  The hanger attaches to the front of a gift bag.  The great thing about this is, those handmade card that we put our hearts into, become the focal point for your bag, the decoration for your bag....AND they don't get lost inside!!


I currently have all 4 dies in stock.

*Stitched Mini Card Hanger Die
-This die hold 3" cards on mini bags (pictured above)

*Scalloped Card Hanger Die
-holds A2 cards with an opening of 4 1/4" and also doubles as a scalloped border.  A 2fer!  :)

*Rectangle Card Hanger Die
- holds A2 cards with an opening of 4 1/4" with a stream lined clean look.

*Decorative Card Hanger Die
-holds A2 cards with an opening of 4 1/4" with a bracket edge to add a little detail.  (not pictured here but you can click HERE to see the decorative die in action)


Here is a quick video I made last year to show a little more about the dies....

I just have a few left this time around, so if you would like to purchase on of your own, the Paypal button in on the right side here on my blog.

If you have any questions, please let me know! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Genius idea, Laurie! I love that your card becomes the focal point for the bag...so pretty!


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