Introducing Secret Agent & Zappy Birthday...

I am really excited about today's Papertrey Ink Countdown post.  These 2 sets today?  Fabulous.  And the dies?  So fun.  So lets get started!

My first card was made completely with these supplies:

Zappy Birthday
Zappy Birthday Dies
Cover Plate: Comic Strip (FUN!!)


To get started, I cut the cover plate out with an adhesive sheet and attached it to the card base.  I masked off each comic strip square and did a little inking.  I used from top left:

Hawaiian Shores, Raspberry Fizz, Lemon Tart, Plum Pudding and Hibiscus Birst.  These inks blend fabulously.

Next, out of white cardstock, I cut another cover plate again.  The WOW and BAM dies x 5 each.  The little building scene x 5 and then 2 of the text bursts.  I stamped the fun images on the text bursts with the outline in black.


I glued all those word dies together to get a nice 3D look and then glued them down.  Next, I stacked up the buildings and did the same thing.  I stamped some polkas in 2 of the boxes that I wanted to leave empty and then covered the whole thing with a cardstock cover plate.  I stamped the word bubble and the "Zappy Birthday" and attached them down.   Last, I attached the text bursts.  I don't know if they are really called text bursts.  But that is what I am calling them today!  


So fun right?  I love that set!  I am going to use this a lot!

The next project is another birthday card made from the new Secret Agent.  I left this project to be fairly true-to-color for your average Top Secret file.  You know.  Since I know all about that Secret Agent stuff.  ;)

Here is the front of the card....


Simply stamped the Top Secret image in Pure Poppy on white card stock and cut it out for more of the "tape" look.  Then I stamped the Restricted Access first in black ink and paperclipped (and glued) the Top Secret Tape down.  I did all of this AFTER, of course, I made a little file folder out of the Fine Linen card base.  I used the most adorable edger dies for this.  You can find them HERE.  


Next I took a 4' x 5 1/4" piece of what card stock and stamped several images on the inside....


I used the magnifying glass die to for a fun addition to this file.  I cut it out in kraft card stock and then used the woodgrain impression plate for a little more detail.


All of these stamps come with the set to make the perfect Secret Agent file.  I finished it off, by simply stapling inside the card base.  


There is even a set of Secret Agent glasses to go along with this set.  I decided that I needed my own pair in Hawaiian Shores instead...


Hope you have enjoyed today's projects!  I can't wait to hear what you think!  Stop back in tomorrow for another round of Group Projects!


  1. Awesome projects, Laurie! Love you in your COOL Secret Agent glasses. :)

  2. Lol you are so cute! And your cards are amazing!!!

  3. Love, love, love the comic strip card! The colors that you used are amazing and it just pops!

  4. LOVE your take on the comic strip!!! Hubby is a big o' Marvel nerd!!! This set is gonna be perfect for him....but your card will be perfect for the grand daughter...whom adores her Papa and already owns a Capt. America shirt! Thanks for sharing!!! You make those glasses look good! ;)

  5. REALLY cute cards, Laurie.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Wowzers on the two cards. That comic strip done in pastels is just over the top delicious. And your selfie made me LOL!

  7. Too fun! Can't wait to get these adorable sets, so I too can show off my secret agent skills in some cool glasses!,

  8. Roger, that, Laurie... oops, I mean 008.5... LOve your projects.. glad you didn't keep them in the secret file....I'm out...

  9. Wow, fantastic. Oh, I would need a little bling on those glasses, but I love the color. Hehehe. I just love the colors on your first card. Fun cards, thanks for sharing.

  10. Fantastic projects! Love all these new products and your cards are awesome

  11. I love your style and always look forward to your cards. Today's cards are fantastic and I can't wait to get these sets to make cards for my grandson. I spent a while trying to figure out what you meant by yardstick until I figured out your spell check changed cardstock to yardstick. Chuckle!! Mine did the same thing by the way.

  12. Awesome! And the glasses look great on you!

  13. Too fun! Really love the soft pastels you tied into the first!

  14. Oh gosh these are cute! I love the softness of the first one and the intrigue of the second. And let me just say you are rocking' the cool secret agent specs!!

  15. Today's releases are so much fun! I love how you did a really subtle soft version of the comic book on the first card and I am loving all that spy stuff!

  16. Absolutely fun. fun, fun. I have to have these products.

  17. amazing take on zappy birthday - and i love the term text burst!! i can't even think of what i've been calling them after reading that, lol!

  18. Secret Agent Man! They've given you a number and taken away your name. That is the song that came to mind when I saw your cute Top Secret card. So very cute.

  19. The inking at the bottom of the comic cover plate is so pretty with the white. you made this inot and elegant card with this technique. Amazing.

  20. Love both of your cards - very clever use of the new product. And, you look adorable in your new glasses! Thanks so much.

  21. Okay, seriously. How FUN and AWESOME are these?!!...LOOOVE.LOOOVE.LOOOVE.

  22. The colors in the comic strip card Are really so soft and pretty. I wouldn't have thought of that but it works really well. The sleuth's top secret file makes a clever card. And Love the glasses!

  23. WOWZERS, Laurie! Both of these projects are absolutely AMAZING!!!! Awesome work! And...I always suspected you were a bit crazy, but that adorable photo of you in the secret agent glasses seals the deal, my friend! HA!!! Too cute!

  24. Oh my, so super stinking fun, Laurie! LOVE the selfie!!

  25. I love love love the top secret file card!!!! And you are rocking those glasses!!!!

  26. Super cute post in every way!!!!

  27. Fantastic post!!!! Love your cards so much! And those glasses are awesome!!!!!!!


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