Operation Organization and some winners!

So by now, I am sure we are all using the "JM Method" of stamp organizing.  That is what I like to call it!  That Jennifer McGuire is genius!  I wanted to share a quick tip I used after being so inspired by her to switch to this form of stamp organizing.  I started this back when she came out with her first video, but after awhile I started slacking off and the stamps were piling up.  All because I hate cutting inserts.  Dumb reason, right?  So I took a ream of this stuff....cheap from Walmart....

.....took it to Office Max and had them cut 3/4 of the ream into the DVD inserts ....

...and the rest of the ream into the small CD size inserts for my dies....

And I found someone to stuff them for me.  So super smart right?  :)

I can hear what you are saying....that is a ridiculous amount of inserts to have on hand but I say...hey!  It cost a total of maybe $9 to have this done and now I will never (geez I hope never) have to worry about an insert again.  

Now, I order some stamps and to make it even easier to get done and organized I do this....

So I am still working on the organization of this massive thing.  I think I should have gone for the 4x4 versus the 5x5.  BUT since its here I am trying to make a home for everything.  

I have 2 full bins of stamps here.  I love that these Fridge Binz fit perfectly in these shelves.  

I thought I would share another fun find for all of you Expedit owners...

These fabric bins are by Better Homes and Gardens.  They fit PERFECTLY into the Expedit shelf.  They are 2 bins for under $12 at walmart.com.  If you have them ship them to your store, the shipping is free.  I got a text when mine came in!  So handy!  The cream color matches the white expedit perfectly.  I have said perfectly a lot in this post.  But its all true!  hehe!


I also have some winners to post from my giveaways this week. 

The winner of the $30 gift certificate to Winnie and Walter is....

Helen Gullet!

The winner of the spot in the Online Card Class, Stretch Your Stamps 2 is....


Please email me with your info (llwillison@gmail.com) and I can pass it along!  

Thank you all for coming by today!  Hope you have a great Sunday!


  1. Haha - the "JM method" of stamp organizing :) I'm guilty of that too. She's amazing, and it feels great to have my stamps and stencils organized. By the way, I love your shelving unit!

  2. Did you give Office Max the dimensions you needed for the inserts? They are a little more complicated than having to cut the paper in half so I was just wondering how you went about making sure they cut the sizes right. Thank you!

  3. B-yes I gave office max the dimensions. For each stack it was 2 cuts so the total was around $4. They can cut pretty specific sizes which is so nice!

  4. $4 plus the cheap paper from Walmart was SO worth it Laurie. I don't like cutting the inserts either! Is your helper for hire ;)

  5. I'm in the midst of a craft room re-org, and I'm taking notes! Thanks!

  6. I love everything in this post! I have my stamping stuff all over the place and I'm squeezed into a corner of our rumpus room. A proper set of shelves and organised storage would change my life! :-)

  7. WTG! I just got my ream of 110# Neenah cut at Office Depot for $1!! I now have 500 card bases patiently waiting to be used. Yep the JM method works for all kinds of stuff! :)

  8. GREAT tips!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS to the winners too :)

  9. I have been slowly switching over to the JM method also. I'm going to follow your advice and have the sleeves ready....and I agree, children should be cross-trained ;-)

  10. I'm moving toward to JM method of stamp storage for the majority of my stamps. I'm already getting ready to have some card bases cut, but having the inserts done too would sure save time. I'm waffling on doing my PTI in the pockets. I really like the CD and DVD cases for those. We'll see. I think what I hate is having to mess with the thin plastic all the time. Don't have that in the cases. It's all a work in progress.

  11. THANKS SO MUCH for sharing!! =) So LUCKY you have a little helper and I think she probably felt SUPER HAPPY about being able to help out!! CONGRATS to the LUCKY WINNERS!! THANKS for sharing and for the chances to win!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  12. Thank you for sharing!! Can you tell me where you got your DVD sleeves? I want to buy some and cannot find them around me.

  13. Awesome post!

    But I am left wondering where you stashed Hortense! LOL

  14. Memorex. CD holders at Office Depot .
    As an aside; I USE TO store in CD holders but tossed them all! I recently received a Papertrey stamp set that included a blank CD, BUT I fixed them in the Office Depot sleeves for rubber stamps (JM recommended) and I see it all at a glance and "stamped" all of the stamps on the back " all at once "at a glance".

  15. I changed over to the JM method as well, but also hate cutting inserts and have gotten behind again. :-( Your cube storage looks great and would be so functional. Hmmm...you are giving me ideas!

  16. Great ideas and I just love your laborer. ;) I MUST check out the bins.


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