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Just a little creative business here today...

I want to let you know that I am going to go ahead and make THIS post a challenge! I was happy to hear the comments and even several emails about playing along!  I hope that you will find some time to join in too!! I am going to add a place for you to add your links! The links will close next Sunday night and I'll pick a winner for a $10 PTI gift certificate!! All you need to do is follow my blog or become a follower! Then add your link! I am so excited what you inspiration you find in the card aisle...or isle if you noticed I can't spell! hehe!!  Like Judith (Jay Gee) said...."I can just see us all in a card aisle somewhere with our phones out taking pictures of cards!"  LOL!  So get your phones out and take some pics and make some cards!  :)

And I also wanted to give you a heads up just to stay tuned this week!  Somebody super sweet asked me to team up this week and together we are going to bring you all kinds of craftiness!  Come back tomorrow to see what's up!  :)

Hope you have a happy Sunday!

EDIT: So I tried to add an inlinkz but either my internet is too slow today or something is wrong with their site!  If you have a card finished, go ahead and add it in the comments for now!  I will keep working on it!  (Let me know if there are any other good link sites to try!) Thanks1


  1. I so want to play along, but am heading off on vacation...maybe if you do this again I will get to play along!

  2. You are so funny! I would never ever spend $5 on a Hallmark card again! Maybe this should be your challenge when you come to Topeka! I miss you! This is a great CASE of this card!

    **My phone stopped working! Can't get my touch screen to work! eek!


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