One in a Melon!

My husband has farmed with his Dad and brother as long as he can remember! One big part of the farm has always been Watermelons. He and his Dad and brother have grown acres and acres of watermelon over the years. We live in the sand and I guess watermelons love this soil. He said when he was younger, they used to pick wheat truck loads of melons a day. (One wheat truck is like 5 or 6 truck beds full!) This is the first summer in his 35 years they have not had any melons! So for him it is the happiest summer ever but for me, I am missing the sweet tasty watermelons! Every summer I would look forward to this time when they were nice and ripe. Now I am going to have to get them at Dillons!
SO, in honor of my husband, I had to make a watermelon card! (And of course he hates the things! I wonder why? hehe)

Other than my white foam tape showing through, I really like my card and the sentiment is just perfect! :)

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you summer is going great! Can you believe it is almost over? The Kansas State Fair is only a month away! Where did the time go?


  1. Pretty darn cute, my little WOSFF!! Great colors, and I LOVE the fatty scallops :)

  2. LOVE it!! Laurie I hope you are submitting some of your wonderful projects to mags chick!! YOu are so awesome!


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